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by on July 30, 2019
Have you noticed lately that weeds have invaded your garden? If so, you must put a brake on it. Although it seems difficult to eliminate it, at we explain how to combat weeds in the lawn and kill it. It is very common for weeds to grow every year, because the weather, the weather or not taking good care of the garden can lead to its appearance. However, in addition to being aesthetically unpleasant, weeds can kill both lawn and other plants, given their excessive nutrient intake. If you want the soil of your garden to look perfect and be well healthy, choose a perfect service for lawn weed control. Also, take a note of the following tips that we present in this article and combat the weeds of your lawn easily.

Steps to follow:
1. First, observe your garden well and define the area where weeds have grown. To end weeds, you should not act throughout the garden if you already have the controlled area. Next, drown the weeds by placing newspaper, plastic sheets, straw or gravel on top of them.

2. Meanwhile, leave a pot on the fire with water. When it starts to boil, remove it and move the pot carefully to the garden. Next, pour the boiling water over the garden area that you have covered with any of the above materials. After two to three days, you can easily remove weeds.

3. Another infallible trick to end lawn weeds is the use of white vinegar. Place this product in a bottle and sprinkle the vinegar on the weed leaves. It will take us three to four days to die. Then, you can remove them more easily.

4. In the event that the above tips have not convinced you or have not worked, we suggest you directly use chemicals on the weeds of your garden. Go to your garden shop or trusted nursery and buy a herbicide.

5. If the herbicide you have obtained is "flame", it will only be enough to keep it pressed for two to three seconds on the weeds to kill it. He thinks that this type of chemical produces enough heat to destroy the structure and root of weeds. The heat intensity of the herbicide will end them.

6. Once you have killed the weeds, we advise you to apply corn gluten on the area where they had grown. In this way, you will finish removing the remaining seeds or roots and prevent the weeds from growing back on your lawn. In addition, thanks to the gluten of corn you will add nitrogen to the soil, which will aerate and heal it.

7. To prevent the weeds from growing again, you must have rigorous control over your soil. You must take care of it properly respecting the pruning times. On the other hand, if you have plants in the ground we advise you to surround them with stones to avoid, as well, that weeds grow around them.

8. Finally, we advise you to tear the weeds as soon as you see them. In this way, you will prevent them from spreading and growing many more. Think that it is much easier to tear them out one by one if they are scattered and few. In addition, if you do so, you will avoid adding chemicals to your lawn that can spoil it even more.
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