by on August 2, 2019
Wedding jewelry has been an indispensable element in marriage since ancient times, but what jewelry do you need to buy for marriage? What is the meaning of different jewelry? At present, there are many kinds and styles of wedding jewelry in the market. Today, let’s take a look at the meaning of common wedding jewelry. Diamonds: With the slogan "A diamond lasts forever ", diamonds are increasingly accepted as "long-lasting" jewelry. Diamonds are white, beautiful, and durable, symbolizing purity and innocence. Nowadays, diamonds have become a rigid demand. It is almost a customary rule to buy diamond rings, and this gives diamonds a unique meaning for love. Gold: Gold is the most precious metal that is favored by the Chinese people. It has a property of maintaining value, and it also means "Love is more solid than gold." Gold ornaments are attractive and extravagant. Despite rising international gold prices, the price of gold jewelry has also been raised, but it custom name necklace cheap can not stop people's enthusiasm for buying gold ornaments. This is precisely because the eternal value of gold has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and with the development of the times, the meaning it represents is more firm and long-lasting. All you need: Pearl: The mellow and smooth pearl not only represents perfection, but also has the meaning of two people's love after being inclusive and tempered crystallize into beautiful pearls personalized photo pendant necklace. There is extension meaning of mutual cherish and care. Its beauty has been passed down through the ages, and after the long-changing changes of the times are still classic, and its status as a jewel queen is unbreakable. Brides wearing pearl jewelry at the wedding will look elegant and glamorous but unobtrusive. Gemstones: Gemstones are the most beautiful and precious stones in the rock. They are brightly colored, crystal clear, shiny, hard and durable. Its beauty is beyond anyone's resistance. Gems are also divided into rubies, sapphires, emeralds, golden green cat eyes, tourmalines, etc. Even diamonds are a kind of gemstones. The meaning of various gemstones is different. For example, ruby symbolizes love and dignity, sapphire symbolizes love and honesty, and emerald symbolizes extravagance and vitality. The beauty of colored gemstones lies in the variety of colors, and there is no lack of noble, gorgeous, and amiable styles. For those who are difficult to make the choice, please learn about the matching tips to choose a perfect gemstone jewelry for yourself.
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