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by on August 8, 2019

Going around with your jewellery will make you look more gorgeous; but when you’re not putting them on, you’ll want to keep them somewhere. In order to keep such prized possessions from having dirt and grime build up, or misplacing them, you’ll want a good place for you to put them in. Jewellery boxes are perfect for the job; depending on your practical or aesthetic preferences, they will come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, in order to accommodate your wants and needs for storage.

If you don’t have one right now, yet you have precious jewellery that may not be properly stored, you’ll want to get one today. But where do you get a good jewellery box?

The best place to find a place for your cherished items

Look no further than My Treasure Box! Boasting the widest range of storage products for jewellery and watches in Australia, they believe that the way that you store your precious trinkets is just as important as your collection. Offering boxes that will complement your style, My Treasure Box’s products are all inclusive of the shipping fee within Australia; giving you the convenience of obtaining them for your collection, starting at $59.95. Make sure to look here first at for a complete showcase of these boxes for sale.

There are chances that aside from jewellery, you also have a collection of wristwatches. These fellows may not always fit in your jewellery box, so you need a separate watch box. My Treasure Box also offers a lot of designs for sale coming in different sizes, colors, and capacity, much like their jewellery boxes. Whether you like to keep your jewellery and/or watch collection in a subtle way or in a flashy manner to help you show it off to your mates, My Treasure Box’s products will help you achieve what you want to get.

Taking care of your jewellery

It would not be enough to have a convenient box to put your collection in. Sooner or later, your jewellery would get stained, dirty, or worse, broken. Fortunately, there are several tips available online that you can employ in maintaining the dainty looks and the shape of your jewellery pieces.

There are websites that offer useful tips for cleaning your exquisite treasures that you might find helpful. Two of those are and They actually concur on some ways on taking care of your jewelry; which means that what they agree with is the popular way of handling your jewellery. The Popular tips are as follows:

1.    Using a toothbrush

It is strongly recommended that you use a soft-bristle toothpaste. Its tiny and soft bristles can get to hard-to-access nooks and crannies. Water complemented with either baking soda, dishwashing soap, or even a multipurpose antibacterial cleaner can help you get the job done.

On the use of toothpaste, some sites do not recommend it, while others reserve it for the toughest of the jobs, and must be diluted with water. Also, since it is known to scratch the surface of some jewellery pieces, one might as well stick with baking soda and water.

2.    Dip in hot water

Only reserved for the hard metal jewellery, it involves placing them in a heatproof container, and slowly pour boiling water until they are covered. Wait until the water cools down, and retrieve.

3.    Storage and usage

Never take a dip with your jewellery, especially in saltwater; the salt will damage your gems. Also, wearing silver often slows down its tarnishing, so wear them often; and when you aren’t, put them in an anti-tarnish bag.

In all instances of cleaning, always gently wipe your pieces with a clean cloth, and let them dry completely before storing them away.

As everyone know, take care of who or what takes care of you. Your jewellery needs their own space and maintenance, and you need to take steps to preserve them to continue having them around with you!

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