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by on August 13, 2019
Being an elite escort in London is considered to be one of the most glamorous and lucrative jobs out there. Elite escort girls often work in the luxury settings of a five star hotel, restaurant or penthouse apartment. They wear beautiful dressed and lingerie; they look immaculate and their clients are some of the most affluent in London. However, like any other job, there are risks alongside the perks of being a London elite escort. What are they? 1.Safety as an elite escort in London London may be a city with many opportunities but there are also safety risks to living in this hub. Crime rates can be high and the inherent nature of being an escort means coming into contact with people who may not be who they claim to be. Every escort working in London knows the risks of unsavory clients or people who perpetuate crimes against them. Some girls are very lucky and never encounter such people in their careers. Others are unlucky and become victims. The news show examples of escorts harmed or even killed by their clients so safety is the number one biggest risk faced by London escort girls. As working girls, it is important to have contacts or friends who can be trusted during an emergency, a buddy network or ways to properly screen clients. Screening clients is not always failproof, so using intuition and having security around is safer if a situation does not feel right. 2.Social isolation and outing Escorting in London is very isolating, especially if you are new to town. Even in 2019, there are many people who do not understand what escorting entails and are prejudiced against it. Social stigma still exists as sex and money continue to be sensitive topics. So this makes it harder for escort girls to reach out to friends and family for support. Furthermore, many escorts are aware of the risks of being outed by clients or people they know. There are risks of being exposed for working as escorts, which will bring an end to their normal job, friendships, relationships and more. It is highly risky if they see many clients and also show their face in advertisement. Escorts working in London may feel more security in the anonymity of the internet, but the risks still exist. The risk of being exposed socially and also the loneliness adds to the cons of this job. 3.Risks of STDs Sexually transmitted disease is a risk for elite escort girls who provide physical intimacy. Even something such as simple as a kiss can elevate the risks of STDs-it comes with the territory of being an escort service provider. For escorts that provide GFE and PSE escort services, there are different STD risks to be wary of, from chlamydia to HIV if they provide unprotected sex. Since everyone views risks differently, there will be service providers who sees STDs as an immense risk whereas others view it as minor inconvenience.
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