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by on August 14, 2019

The pool is still a status symbol in the collective imagination, reserved for people with above-average financial resources. In reality, the real luxury is the space required to install it, even if today it is possible to build beautiful and functional swimming pools starting from an available area of 10 square meters. Without forgetting the comforts needed to make the most of it.

The greatest "damage" in fact does not concern economic investment but the fact of seeing its use limited to only three months a year.

That's why using an Electric Spa Heater for the pool is one of the best ways to amortize the expense faced and be able to enjoy its benefits even during the winter.

Why have a heated pool:

When the warm season is approaching and you are the owner of a swimming pool, the first thought concerns the restoration of the plants, the cleaning, and maintenance of the most relaxing and glamorous corner of the house. And when, on the other hand, the cold season presses on, we think of nothing else but how to prolong the benefits of water sport and the therapeutic value of water as much as possible.

What greater pleasure than returning home cold after a long day of work and being able to dive into the pool for a few minutes before dinner? Use Electric Pool Heater for the best results.

A few strokes and an aperitif and that's when your fitness and good mood are assured. Not to mention that the winter weekends will no longer need to be organized in advance: all you have to do is invite a few friends to animate on Saturday evening or Sunday morning to end with a nice final brunch.

Advantages of a water heater for swimming pools:

The advantages of Saltwater Pool Heater are obvious and a heated pool remains one of the most satisfying comforts for your home, in addition to the intrinsic increase in value that this solution brings to the property and property in general.

Pro but also against to be evaluated in any case: Preparing a water heater for the pool means using an additional heating system compared to that of the house, which involves costs additional to support, although not prohibitive.

Electricity consumption will be subject to variations, but it can be kept within acceptable limits thanks to highly efficient Hayward Pool Heater.

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