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by on August 14, 2019

In today's software-driven world, speed is the name of the game and this is the reason most of the best companies worldwide are deploying software updates daily. As a business owner, if you want your company or organisation to reach such epic levels of productivity then you need to plan for managing their software right from the start to end. This is where application lifecycle management (ALM) comes in and it not only helps businesses make smart decisions about the software but it also helps to manage it efficiently over time.

What Is Application Lifecycle Management ALM?

Application Lifecycle Management is also known as an ALM is an integrated system of tools, processes and people that manage the life of an application from beginning to retirement. ALM is considered as an important process in application development and in order to make the whole thing run smoothly then it is important that this software or tool needs to be taken seriously. Application lifecycle management encompasses the development phase, planning phase and also the phase of the use of a particular piece of software that covers all the necessary steps to develop new software and also take steps to ensure the whole process completes with a positive result.

Although ALM is similar to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), it is more comprehensive in scope because SDLC only focuses on the development phase whereas an ALM includes development, governance, maintenance as well as the decommissioning of software. ALM is enabled by tools and the application lifecycle management tool integrates people and processes. Orcanos is a reputable company that provides a single application lifecycle management tool vertically integrated for all your needs. The real-time planning and version control feature present in this ALM tool can help team leaders to quickly and efficiently map out an app's feature. Here are some of the key features to look for in Orcanos ALM tools:

  • Requirements management
  • Application portfolio management
  • Real-time planning and estimation
  • Source code management
  • Quality and testing assurance
  • Maintenance and support
  • Version control and team communication

Everyone is aware of the fact that the entire software development process is so complicated as it needs to be controlled and monitored from beginning to start. With Orcanos application lifecycle management software, developers can have a variety of solutions which allow them to align each and everything and make the execution perfect. One of the biggest benefits of using ALM software is that your company can streamline all the key resources and processes in a single place and can have a comprehensive overview of the entire development process. The ALM software helps in streamlining app development and it can also be used as a central hub where you can store all the resources of your application and its development. For more details and information about Orcanos please visit our website here:

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