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by on August 19, 2019
About Sincere Tech Plastic Mold Maker Company of the mold design room, large quiet office, a dozen designers have dressed in overalls intently watching the computer, a thread, a point, draw a circle structure a piece of exquisite mold design. This is a microcosm of the current Sincere Tech, in many people's minds plus hand-hammering machine die cutting, in fact, walked out of the traditional industry model, advanced equipment, leading technology and more and more people in the attention, technological innovations the fruits every day, new content. HuangyanMould Industry germinated in the mid-20th century, 50. In 1986, Vice Minister of Ministry of Machinery Industry Keng to Wong Yang, inspection, Fitch said, Huangyan as "Die village." The industry has now developed into a solid foundation, the pillar industry of obvious advantages. A few years ago, with the plastic mold industry may join the number most closely motorcycle industry. As Taizhou Formation, "one of the four largest motorcycle plate," "the country's largest motorcycle and parts production and export base", HuangyanMould industry reached a peak. In recent years, due to fierce competition in the motorcycle industry and many of the city, "Mount Limit Order" The introduction of sensitive Huangyan people began to seek a breakthrough in the industrial chain. Appliances set off the white revolution in the gray mold on the same imprint. Dow Changhong Electric Group is the main supporting domestic business; the United States and more companies are specialized in producing air conditioner mold, almost all of the air conditioning and domestic manufacturers have had intimate contact, and now it is also Hisense, Haier, Oaks, Gree and other famous Brand old supplier. Automobile is China's new industries. Use the "Mount" Pan "Steam" and also did not let this die Huangyan opportunities. Chery previously worked supporting produced bumper Dow Group, this spring and with the ChanganBenben "marriage" in the future all the plastic parts such models are likely to come from Dow. Zhejiang Sunflower mold is with local car manufacturers - Gio car in hand, to design, produce and beautiful atmosphere of the instrument panel. Hao Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhejiang, one-time event successful test mode, do the bumper cars for the Honda Accord; HuangyanXingtai Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is Shanghai Yan Feng received the order, the Shanghai Yan Feng, Shanghai GM's largest supplier of domestic support from This way, the star has become Shanghai GM Thailand two complementary business. Possible, run on the street in the Buick Motor Taizhou, some parts are produced in Huangyan. HuangyanMould Association, said the Secretary-General Zhang Jiamin, as of the end of June 2007, HuangyanMould industry has more than 2,000 professional mold manufacturer, employing 50,000 people, total output value of more than 10 billion yuan (including personal use). One 71-scale enterprises, 46 enterprises above 10 million yuan, 5,000 yuan or more enterprises 7, forming a high concentration, was the massive economic characteristics. Many outside experts were shocked by such a small region in the gathering of so many high-tech tooling business. Visit this website==>>
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