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Gurgaon officially became Gurugram in 2016 and the city is well-known for its outsourcing and off-shore services. Gurgaon has witnessed many start-ups growing like Oyo Rooms, Zomato, and Make My Trip and DLD Cyber City is one of the most renowned commercial areas in Gurgaon.

Today, co-working spaces are in huge demand like never before and Gurgaon is one of the rising locations for co-working spaces. Co-working space in sector 44 Gurgaon is gaining a lot of popularity, thus breaking away from the rigid ways of the traditional office. But one of the primary things new operators must figure out is how to design a co-working space in sector 44 Gurgaon. Designing your workspace is an essential part of beginning on the right foot. But you don’t have to worry because this webcast has come up with the best tips in order to get the apt design of your shared workspace:

• Offer Wi-Fi and Wired Connections

Some offices require a hard wired connection, while others, like co-working areas are fine with the Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, offer both options to appeal to a wide range of professionals.

• Plan for Storage Space

Employees working in a co-working space need locking storage, while having their own world in their laptop when work is concerned. Hence, storage locking space is must for those who want to store items at the co-working space in sector 44 Gurgaon.

• Know your Furniture Needs

Avoid shopping for your workspace furniture before knowing what exactly you are looking for. You must know the dimensions of what you need for each type of workspace and the distribution of workstations in your co-working space. Buy furniture that meets your specific needs and purpose in your co-working space and also looks good enough.

• Light Design in your Co-Working Space

It is very important to prioritize the light distribution throughout your working space to make every area appealing and bright enough. There is no doubt that glass walls look great, but make sure that the privacy is maintained. Adding a privacy film in an interesting way can help keep your space light and considering the importance of privacy at the same time.

Remember, if your co-working space is lacking in light and illumination, make sure you make your co-working space bright enough that appeals to all workers working. Why not add a little color and flair to your workspace? Well, you never know, it might just be the level up your employees need.

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