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by on August 22, 2019
Concern for the quality of customer service is not a "romantic" attitude, but it is closely linked to the greater or lesser capacity of companies to generate profitability. This statement is confirmed by the multiple and varied benefits and advantages that a company generates a concern for the quality of care. Here you can get experienced outsource customer support.

Maintaining high levels of quality in customer service generates the following benefits for companies:

1. Greater loyalty of consumers, customers and users.
2. Increase in sales and profitability (high quality allows, among other things, to set prices higher than the competition).
3. More frequent sales, greater repeat business with the same customers, users or consumers.
4. A higher level of individual sales to each customer, consumer or user (satisfied customers buy more of the same services and products).
5. More sales, since satisfied customers are more willing to buy the other services or products of the company.
6. More new customers captured through word-of-mouth communication, references from satisfied customers, and so on.
7. Lower expenses in marketing activities (advertising, sales promotion and the like): companies that offer low quality are forced to make greater investments in Marketing to “replenish” customers who continuously lose.
8. Less complaints and claims and, consequently, lower expenses caused by its management).
9. Best image and reputation of the company.
10. A clear differentiation of the company from its competitors (although they are products and services similar to those of the competitors, customers perceive them as different and, even, as unique).
11. A better internal work environment, as employees are not pressured by the continuous complaints of consumers, users and customers.
12. Better internal relationships between staff since everyone works, unified, towards the same goal.
13. Less complaints and absenteeism by staff (higher productivity).
14. Lower staff turnover.
15. Greater market share.
Note that all previous benefits and advantages have been duly proven and demonstrated through formal studies and research, in some cases worldwide.

What does all of the above mean?

Fundamentally one thing: continuously improving customer service as a means to achieve their loyalty is not a matter of wanting or not wanting, of doing something sporadically to "please" customers ... it is, in reality, an unavoidable imperative for every company, large or small, that intends to continue progressing and advancing in today's highly competitive markets.

Improving customer service is a real challenge for any company that does not want to be displaced by more aggressive competition and by customers who are increasingly aware of the power of choice they have, more sophisticated in their needs and expectations and much more demanding as they were a few years ago.
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