Mark Carlton
by on August 26, 2019
Someone asked me to do my assignment on the above topic, here you all go to the edge computing. Edge computing is the trendiest topic of 2019 and researches are still going on it. However, it needs to discover a lot more as its benefits are beyond the boundaries. Let’s get straight to the point, the advancement in the IT industry is rising and new technologies are backing the needs by offering the latest developments which are helping the industry to fulfill their mission. There are multiple technologies in the multiple fields which are developed through research and development and is capable of solving a modern problem related the IT. Those days are gone when we have to wait patiently for the web pages to load and respond to the actions because the internet those days were slower than now, the internet takes time to analyze the request. We are living in the cloud computing era where we can store and processed data from anywhere at any time. Businesses make us use cloud services that Dropbox, Google Drive and etc to store and retrieve their data. This gives freedom to the user to access their data from anywhere because of the connected network data centers. It is expected that by 2019, 40% of the data will be stored, analyzed, processed and acted upon close to or at the edge of the network. Edge computing is one of the developing technology which is already playing an important role in our life by enabling quick decisions making by analyzing the data at the edge of the network. The aim of edge computing is to provide low latency by processing closer to the source of data collection. However, the Internet of things (IoT) devices is an important part of edge computing because data analyses take place within connected devices which are far from data server/centers but are able to process data on the edge. This technology satisfies the local computing needs by processing data into microdata server just like in an office or a facility instead of sending them directly to tot main data server. Microdata center is at the center for the needs of edge computing. You can say that it is an on-premise technology that is diminished to match specific business models. The adoption of edge computing in the industry has been prompted since its beginning and its real-time benefits. There is a common delusion among between that edge computing is purely a technology for IoT embedded devices however it is not true. While edge computing is important in it and it offers great scope for departments and traditional business applications. One of the most important aspects which are evolving around the term edge computing is the speed. The agility it offers is great that in the future the data is stored, analyzed and processed will be acted upon the edge of the network instead of transferring it to data centers for analysis. Organizations are now adopting the possible and the best way for their business so that they can stay ahead among competitors. As technology is advancing day by day, Sec by sea, and bringing new opportunities for the world so that people can adapt to the change and improve their current state. Even though edge computing is new but it has already opened the doors of opportunity for an organization to implement this technology. Lower cost, faster data processing, decision making, analytical trends are some of the many benefits of edge computing.
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