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Do you have plans for becoming a heavy equipment operator as a full-time career? One good thing about being one is that it does not discriminate gender. Gone are the days when only the men dominated the industry. Today, men and women enjoy equal opportunities for being heavy equipment operators. As long as they possess the skills required of them, nothing can stop them from starting a career in the industry. With this said, here are the skills required of operators.

Types of heavy equipment

Bulldozers, cranes, forklifts, backhoes, heavy-duty tippers, drilling machines, loaders, and graders are just some of the types of heavy machinery that operators can run. All of these are bigger than conventional trucks, so it is essential to possess a higher level of skill to work on them.

People skills

The ability to work in a team, have excellent communication skills and the ability to receive feedback for the improvement of your job are some of the people skills that you must possess. Although running heavy machinery usually only involves you or a number of other co-workers, you still have to be personable for a smooth-running workplace.

Mental skills

Mechanical and computer skills are fundamental, as you run heavy equipment using technologically advanced techniques. You can master these skills when you get a Certification of Qualification. It entails learning in the classroom and on the job site. You will also learn how to maintain and service the heavy equipment you are about to handle. You have to complete a specific number of hours of training to get the Certification.

Physical skills

Good hearing and vision, exceptional hand-eye and foot coordination, above-average reflex abilities and overall physical stamina are the physical skills that you must have in order to operate heavy machinery at a Lancashire plant hire company. Safety consciousness is another vital skill. Ensuring the safety of everyone on the job while you are handling your equipment is a critical aspect of the job.

Basic requirements

You need to be at least 18 years of age and have a commercial driver’s licence, need to pass a qualification examination and get a Certification of Qualification to operate specific machinery. If you plan on running different types of heavy equipment, you must secure certification for each. If you have experience in the field, it will be a big plus. You can also expect drug and alcohol tests to determine if you are fit to handle various types of heavy machinery.

Keep in mind that being a heavy machinery operator requires you to work long hours, sometimes driving long distances in any type of weather to deliver goods from one point to another. Besides the mental skills needed to operate heavy machinery, the physical aspects of the job – being physically fit to last long hours and drives, and weather conditions – are important. Preparing yourself physically and mentally before going to work every day will significantly help you in maintaining your stamina on the job.

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