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by on August 31, 2019
The best gift ideas to offer to an adventurer, a fighter, a hiker or a Robinson Crusoe.

Essential accessories on the road, serious equipment, hiking gadgets, trekking, camping, outdoor activities, and all-mountain travel or off the beaten track.

Hammock travel, Swiss army knife, nomadic solar panel, survival bracelet, water filter, a guide to speak all languages ​​or multi-pocket clothing, this list does not lack ideas to please the bivouac lovers.

The ultimate hiking gift!
Created to help countries where access to clean water is a real problem, LifeStraw is distributed by humanitarian organizations to people in need.

Indispensable for hikers and travelers without borders, this straw purifies water 99.99%, allowing you to drink in any source when you baroudez.

The straw can purify nearly 700 liters of water, the average consumption of a person for 1 year!

Solar panels, to hang on a hiking backpack, are an excellent solution to recharge the USB devices of globetrotters and hikers.

Compared to pocket chargers that are only gadgets (because they do not work most of the time), this model is serious and keeps its promises thanks to its large area once unfolded. Whether you place it on the floor, extend it across a tree, or hang it to your backpack by the four stainless steel hooks, as long as it's live under the sun, it will charge your device.

A travel washing machine
All hikers and long-distance travelers must clean their clothes almost daily on the road.

This magic bag weighs only 180g and cleans your clothes in record time. It is the smallest washing machine in the world! 3 minutes' cleaning is twice as effective as hand washing.

The principle of the Scrubba wash bag is very simple: put the laundry in the bag, add water, laundry. Close the bag tightly, empty the air and massage the laundry before emptying the water and rinsing.

An outdoor espresso machine
Finish the sock juice with this extraordinary little nomadic machine that can be used with cold water and ground coffee. It is also compatible with Nespresso capsules. For hikers who want to drink an espresso coffee anywhere, here is a Handpresso that works without batteries and electricity, and delivers 20 bars of pressure!

The luxury of drinking a good coffee on the road thanks to a very easy-to-use manual machine!

A nomadic, waterproof and powerful enclosure
A mini speaker designed specifically for backpackers and hikers, because not only it sends a clear and powerful sound but in addition, its ultra compact design and tightness can carry it everywhere.

Sound quality, compact size, light weight, shockproof, waterproof, wireless connection (bluetooth), autonomy, design and ergonomics, it has all these assets! It exists in black, blue or coral.

It is simply the best portable speaker microphone on the market, it is # 1 of all rankings.

This ultra-compact and lightweight travel hammock is perfect for siting anywhere easily during your travels or hikes! The line of hammocks is called "Colibri", made by La Siesta It is tiny, multicolored and ultra-light.

This hammock is in parachute silk, it is equipped with an integrated hooking "EasyAdjust" which allows a very fast installation and disassembly. The fabric dries very quickly and despite its minimal weight it is really resistant.

An excellent gift to offer to a fighter because it is usable and transportable everywhere. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty!
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