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by on September 10, 2019
The women learn to do many things from nothing and putting on makeup is one of them, but when they do not have flat talent or our mom did not give us single advice on that, we must seek help elsewhere.

Here we leave you 12 tricks to achieve good makeup even if you are not an expert to be stylist:

# 1 Prepare your skin
It is very important that your skin is ready for makeup. Before color, apply moisturizer and fixative to your face and lips. Remember that your skin is a sponge; The first thing you should absorb is your cream, not your base. Apply the moisturizer with a brush in circular movements, first on the cheek and then on the rest of the face.

# 2 Use fixative
Use the fixative 20 centimeters from your face, before and after painting, to encapsulate the makeup.

# 3 Tailor-made brushes
The round brushes are for blurring, the flat ones are for painting in a specific place. The important thing is that you discover which ones you work best with.

# 4 First the eyes
Make up your eyes first and then the rest of your face, so you can correct if you stain. It is easier to solve some errors in your blur when you still do not have the base. To remove any part, use wet swabs with a fixative.

# 5 False eyelashes?
If you want to use false eyelashes, do it with surgical glue; The key is to put them from the center to the sides. And here is a secret: you will know that they are well placed when they do not bother you.

# 6 Paste your eyelashes
To join your false eyelashes with the real ones, glue your index finger to the eyelashes and apply the mascara by gluing the brush to your finger.

# 7 Blurring is hiding
The idea of ​​a blur is that you should not see where a shadow color begins and where the other ends. To know how to apply the lighter shade of shadow, close your eye and imagine that you look forward. In the place where your iris would be, there goes the gold or silver.

# 8 From light to dark
The ideal makeup is that your face looks oval. Use 3 shades of makeup: a clear one for the parts where it would give you light (cheekbones, chin and in the middle of the eyes); another darker for the shadow areas (mark the lines making a fish face); and the base of your skin tone.

# 9 Remove dark circles with orange
If you have very marked dark circles, use makeup in orange tones in that area and then apply the concealer.

# 10 Moderate translucent powder
Use translucent powder only in your T zone, if you put it on your entire face the wrinkles will be marked more.

# 11 If you use your fingers to put on makeup in any area, choose the one next to the pinky, since it has less strength and thus avoid damaging your skin.

# 12 Smile for the blush
Blush is the last thing you should wear. The current trend is to mark the apple that forms on your cheekbones when you smile.
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