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by on September 10, 2019
In the current days, the workspaces have changed a lot. Currently, it is not strange to see that people do their jobs from the comfort from home and many moms see work from home as an opportunity to be more aware of their children.

Despite the enormous advantages of working from home, maintaining productivity and enthusiasm can become a difficult task, especially when you have to spend time with a family and that is why we want to present some effective advice to make teleworking much easier to wear. Here you can know some perfect jobs for stay at home moms.

8 keys to work from home

• Define a specific place for your work:
The space in which we work can largely define the quality of our work. Make sure that the area you have chosen to work from home is dedicated solely to this end. This will favor your concentration and allow you to better organize your work.

• Make a pending list or schedule every day:
Organizing time is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of working from home. Establish a routine like the one you would have in any office and try at all costs to meet the goals you set for each day. Include in your routine the time you will spend with your children and in housework.

• Train constantly:
One of the keys that will make you competitive in the job of working from home, is the technical and instrumental skill you have. It is essential that you train yourself, that you learn new things that help you offer more complete services to your potential clients.

• Use your time well:
If you were in a regular office you could not spend the whole day talking on the phone or checking your social networks, and if you want your work from home to work well, you should avoid these distractions as much as possible. Telework requires the same dedication and commitment as any other job.

• Seek help when necessary:
Sometimes the workload is very large and the time is difficult to distribute between family, household, and work. When necessary, ask someone to give you a hand with any of these tasks. The idea is not that you overload yourself and fill yourself with stress.

• Establish moments to rest:
It's not just about working. Naturally, you also need spaces to move a little, clear your mind and stretch all your muscles. Take advantage that you have the autonomy to decide the moments in which you will rest; Recharge your energy and return to work much more motivated and share time with your children and your partner.

• Leave the house:
Working from home can be as stressful as being in any other workplace. It is essential that you leave spaces dedicated to your fun, to leave home and see different landscapes. In addition to your workplace, your home is your temple and you should not be overwhelmed being all the time between four walls. Try not to neglect family activities because you are working.

• Take care of your health:
Eat well, try to keep an exercise routine and always take care of your posture when working. Don't be mean with the time you spend for your self-care; Spend several days or several moments of the day when sharing with your family.

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