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by on September 11, 2019
Although there is more than one factor that affects the demand for cement water, the milling process factor is optional during construction and cannot be easily changed once it is selected. Due to its subsequent production and the impact of water demand on the balance of other factors, it is a price. Therefore, when the milling process is initially selected, the water demand factor must be considered. Here you can get the best quality concrete grinding.

In the case of the same raw materials, the cement produced by different grinding processes differs in the demand for water due to the difference in particle gradation and particle shape. In terms of the existing common grinding process, the order of cement water demand is approximately as follows: semi-finished milling of the roller press> double closed-circuit combined milling> simple closed-circuit combined milling> closed milling> opening milling.

Compared to normal circular flow grinding cement, the open flow grinding cement particles have a wide distribution, the roundness coefficient is large and the cement requires less water, and the cement produced by the roller press and the vertical mill includes final grinding and semifinal grinding. The combined grinding, due to the narrow distribution of the cement particles and the low spherical shape of the particles, the cement requires relatively large water.

At present, the cement grinding of most cement companies adopts the double closed-circuit combined grinding system of “press roller + ball mill”. The grinding efficiency is certainly high and the energy consumption is reduced. However, due to the excessive concentration of cement particles, the demand for water remains high. This is necessary to increase the amount of concrete water reducing agent used and increase the cost of the concrete mixing plant. In the case of excess supply in the cement market, the mixing station does not buy much and, ultimately, will affect the volume of sales and the sale price of the company.

In addition to the influence of the roller press on the shape of the cement particles, in general, the closed-circuit grinding system, especially the closed-circuit system using the high-efficiency classifier, has a particle size distribution Narrow, particle size The coefficient of uniformity is 1.0 ~ 1.2, and water demand is required. Up to 26.0% to 28.0%. The cement of the open grinding system has a wide range of particle size distribution, the uniformity coefficient is 0.9 ~ 1.0, and the cement water demand is approximately 24%.

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