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by on September 11, 2019
No one should be surprised by the fact that brands and companies are constantly searching for more effective ways to communicate with their consumers. Large or small, companies want to reach as many potential customers as possible with their advertising messages. In principle they need to be in the minds of users to be able to motivate them to acquire their products or services and, if possible, to do so on a recurring basis, also making recommendations to friends and family.

Many of these companies have discovered on the Internet and Online Advertising an accessible platform to achieve their goals, leaving behind, or at least in the background, what we have known so far as traditional advertising.

This becomes more evident in small companies that cannot be made visible with investments of thousands of dollars at the beginning of their operations, something that, however, is within easy reach with online ad operations.

Differentiated advantages between online and traditional advertising

Online advertising, like traditional advertising, allows us to show a large number of potential consumers, however, the differences between one form of advertising and another are growing.

Although the list could cover other areas, below we share some of the biggest competitive advantages that a brand or company can enjoy with Online Advertising.

Coverage: Online Advertising is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing any company to be visible and accessible to millions of people around the world with their offers and promotions.
Time savings: Unless we have in mind to work on a millionaire online campaign, the reality is that with free tools and a lot of creativity we can have our online advertising available in minutes, something impossible to achieve in press, radio or television.
Varied Formats: On the Internet, unlike any other medium, infinite formats converge. The inventiveness that can be exploited with Digital Advertising is today much larger than what we can see on television, for example. In addition, with the growth of technology and digital platforms, development barriers will continue to be demolished, so the possibilities will be virtually unlimited.
Flexibility: As true as we can make our online advertisement in a matter of minutes, it is the fact that we can update or modify it equally quickly if what we require is to optimize the results. This is also not possible with traditional means that require additional time and costs, sometimes quite high, to configure changes or adapt strategies.
Low costs: Generating ads for the Internet is not just faster and easier; It is also much cheaper than doing it for traditional media. Unless we plan to execute a very ambitious online plan, for an unthinkable investment for radio, the press or television it is feasible to have a presence in digital media and reach thousands of people.
Segmentation: The possibility of segmenting the market we want to target is crucial in Online Advertising. The interesting thing is that in the case of the Internet and Social Networks it goes far beyond geographical and demographic segmentation, allowing the advertiser to perform psychographic segmentation, which is those that respond to lifestyles, personality, and behavioral variables and shopping.
Bidirectional Communication and Interactivity: The possibility that the receiver can become a transmitter and transmit their own ideas is another of the great advantages of Online Advertising. Understand that we can receive immediate responses and / or reactions to our advertising messages is a benefit that well managed can be reflected in large sales, especially because this information is key to psychographic segmentation and manage our campaigns based on this data.
Effectiveness: With the advent of Social Networks Online Advertising has reached levels that no traditional media has reached. And it is that thanks to Social Networks we can amplify our advertising messages and reach people who otherwise we would never have touched with our advertising. Today it is the same users who magnify our messages so that their effectiveness is measured in exponential terms.
Reliability: The fear and disbelief that reigned among netizens at the dawn of Online Advertising, and especially the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability of users to the uncontrolled harassment of emails are a thing of the past. Today the Internet user is increasingly willing to open promotional emails and click on banners and varied advertising formats to know what offers the big brands have for him. And better yet, in virtualizing those contents when they consider it beneficial for their circle of friends.
Measurable: All this is possible under strict results measurement processes, something that traditional media have not been able to guarantee with the immediacy and reliability that free platforms like Google Analytics allow us.
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