James smith
by on September 18, 2019
Go glamorous in an instant with the Slit Skirt! Inspired by vintage fashion designs, women in leather clothing will have you looking gorgeous with its asymmetrical sweeping hem. Its left slit is sliced all the way to the middle of the left calf, creating a very sexy silhouette. Partially lined, the skirt has a stretch body that clings to the curves perfectly. At the top, a waistband made of genuine leather makes this skirt ideal for tucking in tops. The waist is finished with elastic to give you a comfortable fit, and we'll craft it to the size that you specify. We also cut the skirt the length that you desire and can make yours in any of our seven stylish color options. offers you the classic silhouette that you love about pencil skirts but in a bold new way. The women in leather dress features two zippers on the sides of the skirt and sits high atop the waist for a beautiful, flattering look. The skirt rises just above the knee and is made of genuine leather. The leather can be purchased in a variety of colours including black, green, red, light brown, dark brown, blue and grey. It is totally made to measure to ensure that it fits your form in a flattering way.
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