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Miami might seem like every bride’s dream spot. Year-round warm weather, scenic spots, the best food, and drinks, as well as the city’s multicultural, singular architecture. The big 305 is a great spot to get your guests together and celebrate one of the best days of your life. We highly encourage you to get married in this beautiful town if that is what you have in mind. And for that to happen, in this blog, we want to tell you all the things you need to consider while planning a wedding in Miami.

1. Venues Available

We know what comes to your mind when we talk about a wedding in Miami… it is the beach, isn’t it? Well, even though South Florida has the most amazing beaches in the country, the city of Miami and Miami Beach have some amazing venues that do not involve dealing with sand. Here, we are listing some types of venues that exist in Miami and you might want to consider for your beautiful wedding:

* Outdoors - you can find beautiful different gardens and even farms to host your wedding. This is perfect for the dryer seasons of the year when rain is not expected. There are wedding venues in Coconut Grove that take advantage of the indoor/outdoor style, where you can have the best of both worlds.

* Downtown - if you are more of a city girl, Miami has beautiful venues, hotels, rooftops, art museums, and even historic museums to choose from. Even the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science is an option if you love marine life and science. The options are limitless.

2. Food and Drinks

If you have the venue set, you can already start thinking about food and drinks. We say this because it is a good idea to harmonize your venue with what you will be serving your guests. And this is only one of the many things you will want to consider. Consult with the Coconut Grove wedding venues beforehand if they allow outside caterers. You will also have to think about the type of food not only you like, but one that your guests will also enjoy. This is why it is very important to ask your guests beforehand about any food allergies or food restrictions. You do not want to have only pasta and canapes available for gluten-free guests. Here are some courses you will want to consider on your wedding menu:

* Appetizers - 3 to 5 options

* Entrees - 2 to 4 options

* Sides - go crazy with it

* Dessert - 2 to 5 options

* Breakfast menu (if you are that type of partier) - one simple menu

Also, consider the drinks and how much of it. Drinks can go by fast, especially if you are in a warm place like Magic City! Consider sodas, water, sparkling water, juices, liquor, and brewed alcohol.

3. Rehearsal

If you are having a rehearsal dinner. There are many different venues where that can take place and you can also choose something outside of the wedding spectrum. For example, art galleries in Wynwood can make up the perfect spot for a get together before the big day. If you want to keep the wedding vibe all the way through, in Coconut Grove there some amazing wedding venues you can arrange your rehearsal.

4. Back-up plan

Keep in mind that if you are having an outdoor wedding, you need a back-up plan. If you have hired a wedding planner, he or she will have already planned this out. But the main things to consider are renting a tent in case of rain, fans or CO2 in order to keep guests (and yourself) a little less warm, for that you will probably need a generator, which will also be handy if you have a power outage. Floridian weather is something you have to keep in mind since it can be very volatile. The sun can be very overwhelming, especially for people who are not from there. Make sure your guests are hydrated all the way through the event. If your wedding is taking place between June and November, consider that these are months hurricanes are more prone to happen. If your wedding finds itself in the middle of a hurricane, it will have to be canceled. This is why we recommend wedding venues in Coconut Grove that have both outdoor as well as indoor space.

5. Scenery

How have you imagined your wedding pictures? The place where your wedding takes place has a lot to do with it. A wedding in South Beach, for example, will have a lot of the beach, art deco style attached to it. On the other site, wedding venues in Coconut Grove will be a lot more classic, historical, and luxurious. Make sure you hire a photographer that photographs in a style that you like and that is reliable. Remember that you get what you pay for, photography is not something you should thrift around.

6. Directing your guests

If you are coming from outside of Florida, or the majority of your guests are, it would be nice if you directed them around the city. For starters, Miami’s airport is Miami International Airport (MIA) and it is about 20 minutes from downtown. It is also the busiest airport in the U.S., which can be a good thing because it has flights arriving and departing to all places in the U.S., but a bad thing if you are caught in the middle of Spring Break. Another option for guests might be the Fort Lauderdale airport, which is less than an hour's drive away from Miami. You definitely do not want to send your guests to Orlando or Tampa airports. Those are a 4-hour drive away.

Also, make sure you give them a list of things to do in the big 305, such as:

* South Beach - Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road… a great place to enjoy the beach, iconic art deco, and go shopping.

* Downtown Miami - find some great restaurants and bars.

* Little Havana - the heart of Cuban culture in Miami. Perhaps, the biggest influence on the city.

* Wynwood - the recently remodeled neighborhood relies on its artistic vibe, the Design District and the art galleries within it.

* Coconut Grove - a lovely, homey neighborhood, where your guests can also check the wedding venues.
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