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by on September 20, 2019

There are many reasons why people want to sell their diamond ring. Some went on a divorce, while others experienced broken engagement, and some badly need emergency funds.

Regardless of your reason, remember that selling a diamond ring has its risks. Many will pretend to be a legit jeweller, only to find out they are fraud dealers. Moreover, there are legit jewellers, but they won’t pay the right value your ring deserves. And though you did find an authorized jeweller that pays correctly, however, the selling process is quite too long. It can be a hassle if you need the money right away.

When you imagine all these factors, it is indeed a tough task to look for a trustworthy diamond ring buyer.  But here is a piece of good news; there is a legit and reputable jeweller that will help you get the cash you need fast.  Learn more about it below.

The Fastest Way to Sell a Diamond Ring

If are you are asking on what is the fastest way to sell my diamond ring, Speedy Diamond is the answer.

The Speedy Diamond is a renowned jeweller in the country. They have been around since 1975 with their base located at Augusta, Georgia. Speedy Diamond is one of the largest independent jewellery stores in America today. Each one of their shops comprises of 40 staff, including a team of GIA certified Gemologists.

Speedy Diamond has earned great respect from its clients over the years. The company is famous for their transparency and excellent services. If you are looking for a jeweller that will pay on time and offer the right value of your precious jewellery, their team is the best option out there.

How Fast is Speedy Diamond?

This store certainly embodies its name. Selling your diamond ring at this jeweller is 100% hassle-free and incredibly fast. Here is how the Speedy Diamond works.

The Speedy Diamond is a retailer. There is a big difference when you are selling a jewel at a retailer compared to a wholesaler. The wholesaler will find a retailer who will look for a customer that will buy your ring. The long selling process could take weeks. Hence, you won’t get the money right away.

On the other hand, a retailer like Speedy Diamond can pay you in a matter of days. Once you accept the initial offer of the Speedy Diamond, the store will ask you to send the ring for assessment. After the ring evaluation, they will send you the exact value of the ring. If you accept the final offer, they will immediately sell your ring to a customer.

Speedy Diamond can wire you the money, or you can directly get it from their shop. You can go their official website to find out more about the payment and shipping terms of the store.

The Bottom Line

The Speedy Diamond is no doubt fast on their work. With their incredible reputation, you can assure that your ring is on safe hands. Dealing with this jeweller will give you peace of mind.

Do you want to learn more about their services? Check them out right away!

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