Joaquin Velazquez
by on September 23, 2019
If you are on vacation in the city of Cancun or if you are from the city of Cancun and you are bored and with nothing to do, do not worry that I have a fun-filled day with less than 100 USD (2,000 MXN)

Maya Park Tour

This is the newest theme park in the city of Cancun and the only one with an extreme zip line circuit and suspension bridges. Great not? This park is located in the Hotel Zone of Cancun at kilometer 18 very close to Playa Delfines, the photographic hostel of the city and the ruins of the King. I just improved your day totalent right? Jungle Tour and Zip Line are the 2 tours that you can enjoy with less than 100 USD in the Maya Park and now we will explain what each one is about I had the opportunity to go a few days ago and in fact the park did not know him, because being new still does not take much strength, but that is great for many, because it is not very saturated with people, which makes the experience something more private A friend who is a photographer invited me to go to meet him and of course I could talk about how it is outside and inside, but I would leave the subject. Jungle Tours The jungle Tour is an activity that lasts between 30 to 45 minutes and allows you to drive a boat in the Nichupte lagoon, of course they first give you the instructions on how to handle it and about the safety and care you have to have. With the boat you can go to explore the mangroves, reefs and enjoy the weather and the cost of this tours is only 69 Usd Zip Line At first I was scared, but it is really exciting to enjoy the zip lines and suspension bridges, each bridge has different obstacles and distances and in the end you get to one of the zip lines from where you will literally fly to the other end to continue crossing the dempas suspension bridges , has and the cost is 29 USD These 2 tours have an approximate duration of 2 hours, so I would advise you to go in the morning between 9 am, so leaving at about 12 pm, you can go to enjoy Delfines Beach, take photos at the viewpoint and take advantage to know the ruins of the king, all that is less than 5 minutes from the Park. If we take out the account we have: Jungle Tours: 69 + Zip Line: 29, it gives us a total of 97 USD. So you no longer have excuses for not having a whole day in Cancun. See you soon Q: D: In my next article I will talk a little about hotels in Isla Mujeres and all the activities they can do
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