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Cellulite is an affection of subcutaneous tissues due to the accumulation of adipose tissue and the aging of the subcutaneous tissue. Cellulite is most commonly found on the back of the buttocks. Cellulite is mostly affected by women because it is largely caused by female sex hormones (especially estrogen). Cellulite is also dependent on the activity of the lymphatic system and the associated water retention in the body. This value can be measured as a percentage on a body fat meter, along with many others.

The causes of cellulite include circulatory disorders, sedentary lifestyle and excessive consumption of calorie foods. People with increased weight or people consuming excessive amounts of coffee or alcohol are at the highest risk of cellulite.

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As described above, cellulite is associated with insufficient activity of the lymphatic system and impaired blood flow to the affected parts, thereby storing toxins which, in order to prevent further travel in the body, convert the body into fat, which is visible in the form of orange skin.

Honey massage against cellulite is a relatively little known method, but it is very effective in combating orange skin, it is fully natural, no chemistry is just honey and natural essence, in most of the improvements can be seen immediately. This massage is also unique in that, thanks to honey compression and pumping touches, toxins are washed away from the subcutis to the skin surface, which is clearly visible on honey, which changes into a chewy consistency and changes its color.

The massage is performed by special touches in the area of the buttocks, outside of the thighs and abdomen (at the places of cellulite), which leads to the leaching of waste substances from the skin and subcutis to the surface and also to the drained blood supply of the massaged parts. After this massage, when the skin is really well perfused, an oil wrap with juniper and grapefruit extracts is applied. Juniper warms the lymph and grep tightens the skin. This procedure does not use the so-known cinnamon oil, because the skin is markedly bloodied by honey massage.

For most clients, the effect is visible immediately after the first massage, the skin is perfused, smoothed and the orange wrinkles recede. After the massage it is necessary to follow the drinking regime.

This procedure can be supplemented by ozone therapy where ozone oils are rubbed in which have a beneficial effect on the whole organism.

Ozone therapy has a complex effect on the whole organism from cellular to systemic level.

Ozone works directly at the wrapping site - it is possible to warm up in a steam sauna (svedan box) - it supports the splitting of fats in the skin and subcutaneous tissue - increases oxygen transport of blood, stimulates cell processes, activates fat metabolism and trigger the mechanism of natural processing of fat on its own energy organism and its absorption causes a response throughout the body (systemic effect) - leads to overall detoxifying and revitalizing effects on the body - it helps to regenerate and relaxation of the body, promotes metabolism and has a pronounced detoxifying effect.
In addition to fat removal, ozone therapy results in the restoration of ligament structure and this ultimately leads to the restoration of skin elasticity.

The ideal frequency of massages is initially 10 procedures 1x per week to 1x every 10 days and later maintenance massage 1x to 2x per month.

In conclusion: To mitigate the effects of cellulite, it is always necessary to approach complexly by changing diet. Without an overall approach, any massage never completely removes cellulite, but it is an excellent and effective helper in the fight against orange skin. Cellulite and fighting it is always a long run.

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