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Marble floors are a beautiful addition to your homes as they give your house a clean, shiny and polished look. You can experiment a lot with marble floors, for example, you can use different combinations of marbles or a single colored marble for the flooring. The only difficult part about marble floors is maintaining them and keeping them clean. There are a number of ways to keep your marbles shiny and clean. However, you might usually come across bad suggestions that might harm the marble flooring by making it dull or stained. It is very important to beware of such poor advice, so here is a list of the worst advice for cleaning marble floors that you are most likely to hear:

  1. Using Generic Store-brought Cleaning Agents

Many people will recommend you generic detergents for cleaning the marble floors. These detergents are readily available so you never hesitate to buy them but it is wise to understand that these cleaning agents contain acids, alkalis or other chemicals which are hazardous for the floor as they cause indelible stains or make the floors dull looking. Even the most well-known and recognized brands will make the marble more vulnerable to damage or stains. If you try to save money or time by buying such cheap easily available stores, then you should know that you will end up paying more as well as spending more time and effort on cleaning them in the long run.

  1. Using Citrus for Cleaning Marble

Citrus may include orange, lemon or vinegar for cleaning the marble floor which is definitely a very bad idea because it is undoubtedly going to damage your floors. Citrus is usually acidic and acids can be very harmful to the floor that can cause stains as well as lead to the floor becoming dull. The best way to clean the marble floors is by using a sponge in hot water.

  1. Using Bathroom or Grout Cleaners

Bathroom, toilet or grout cleaners even the less harmful ones cause damage to marble. They might be excellent for the tiles in your bathroom, the toilet or the sink but they might get a little too harsh for the shiny and polished marble. If you want to retain the shine of your glistening marble floors, then it is recommended that you don’t use such cleaners as they can cause scratches and dullness. Thus, using the same cleaners that you use in the bathroom is another bad advice you might get from people around you. 

  1. Use Sealing without expert recommendation

Most types of marbles don’t require sealing so if you apply sealing on such marble floors, then it does not get absorbed. As a result, the sealing sits on the surface of the marble which might require using chemical cleaners to scratch it off. These chemical cleaners as discussed above are harmful to the floors as they don’t only cause dullness and scratches but also make the floors more vulnerable to stains.


Thus, it is always recommended to keep good care of your marble floors but that does not mean that you use harmful substances for cleaning them.     

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