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by on October 1, 2019
AOL is a popular email software that supports exclusive functions and features. Now, the software comes with the all-in-one interface and the advanced security features. With AOL 10.0 Version Free Download a user can access/use the email services, browse the internet and enjoy entertainment services. The software is very reliable and supports easy to use functions. If you are looking forward to downloading the AOL version, then carefully read this blog.

For downloading the AOL 10.0 Version, a user needs to follow certain steps, but before that consider the following requirement for error-free downloading.

a. There must be latest updates installed in your system.

b. Np conflicting programs should be installed in your PC.

c. Clean all the junk files from your PC.

Minimum System Requirements to Download AOL 10.0 Version for PC:

1. Operating system Windows 7 or higher version.

2. Memory up to 1 GB RAM and 512 MB Hard Disk.

3. 266MHZ or faster computer process.

4. 1024*768 or higher screen resolutions.

5. Smooth and fast internet connectivity.

Steps to Download AOL10.0 Version

Open a web browser and visit AOL official website of AOL Desktop Gold. Login under the Sign-in option.

Go to ‘All products’ sections and click on the ‘AOL Desktop Gold’ option.

Click the ‘Download Now’ option.

Once the downloading process is completed, go to the Download folder to open your downloads list.

Double click on the AOL you have downloaded and click on ‘Install Now’ option.

Follow the guidelines carefully to install the AOL Gold on your system.

This way you can complete the AOL 10.0 Version Free Download process without any hassle. The process is very simple, you just need to follow the downloading and installation guidelines carefully. If you want, you can also consult the AOL professionals and seek their advice to complete the AOL installation on your computer.
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