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by on October 5, 2019
Traditional Thai Massage is a technique of physical work very different from the western forms of work: It not only consists of kneading the muscles and mobilization of the joints, but also works on lines called Sen. These lines run throughout the body transporting energy through the body, allowing its correct distribution. When pressed on them, the correct flow of internal energy is stimulated. This affects the organs and glands indirectly while allowing the elimination of toxins from different tissues. The Sen lines, circulate 2 centimeters under the skin, to stimulate and unlock them it is necessary to exert a strong pressure. Traditional Thai Massage is a strong technique that can be painful when there are blockages. However, an extremely relaxing and liberating effect is achieved after a session.

It helps maintain the health and well-being of the recipient. It is a very old tool used to fight common diseases, increase the range of movement of our joints, improve the capacity of the immune system. It also relieves muscle pain, treats sprains, muscle inflammation, joint stiffness, stretches the muscles and improves body mobility.

It helps in the prevention of muscle cramps, headaches, menstrual problems, constipation, digestive problems, stress, and many other pathologies. It decreases the heart rate, promotes lymphatic circulation and reduces inflammation. Promotes muscle tone, reduces tension, helps eliminate toxins from the muscles, relaxes tendons, increases flexibility, increases joint range, and reduces stiffness. Stimulates the activity of nerves, with effects of reducing pain, improves the functioning of internal organs. Improves the quality of sleep, relieves insomnia by inducing more restful sleep. It increases lung capacity and produces relaxation, improves digestive tract elasticity and stomach movements, prevents and relieves indigestion.

Traditional Thai Massage is an intense and deep treatment, which is provided to the patient, dressed in comfortable clothes, in a futton, and at the same time, benefits both the body and the mind. It helps us to have a better management and channeling, of the movement, of our thoughts and emotions. Both the one who receives it and the one who gives it, it is recommended that they be in a meditative state to get more benefit. It is an ancient art that gives us health and well-being.

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