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by on October 10, 2019

Do you health insurance? Lots of people choose not to sign up for health insurance because they don’t believe it can provide them value for money. They regard the premiums as an expense and would rather avoid it altogether. However, these people are now aware that there are a number of prominent benefits that health insurance can offer to them in the long run. Are you also one of these people? Wondering why to sign up for health insurance? Here are some excellent reasons to do so:

Reason 1: Unexpected illnesses or injuries can be expensive

Sure, having health insurance is not exactly cheap, but it is also a fact that not having it can break the bank. How does that happen? It takes only one unexpected visit to the hospital and you will have to spend thousands of dollars. For instance, if you suffer from a wrist injury, you would have to spend $200 just to see the doctor and the cost can go up if x-rays are needed. Even if it seems like a huge financial burden to sign up for health insurance, you should just think about being on the hill for any massive medical bills. It can have an even bigger impact on your budget than just paying the monthly premiums. Moreover, if you do your research, you can find affordable insurance plans that don’t really cost you a lot.

Reason 2: Preventative care VS emergency visits

When you have health insurance, you don’t have to worry about preventative care costs. You can go for a flu shot or visit the doctor for a routine checkup so you can save a visit to the emergency room. If you were to visit the ER without health insurance, it would have a significant financial impact. Moreover, you can also save time when you make an appointment with the doctor. ERs don’t follow the rule of first come, first served. Major illnesses are addressed first and those with minor ones have to deal with long waiting times.

Reason 3: Cheaper rates for everyone

Opting for health insurance allows your insurance company to negotiate with hospitals and doctors to get better rates. The more people sign up for health insurance, the bigger the pool and this allows for better cost absorption. The premiums are lower for larger medical networks as the insurance company is able to distribute resources in a better way. This means that you can benefit from affordable insurance plans. Insurance companies will also compete with each other to maintain existing customers and attract new ones as more and more people sign up. Thus, they will reduce their rates to do so. Hence, you can find a health insurance plan that’s more compatible with your lifestyle.

Reason 4: A healthier society

Those who have health insurance tend to be healthier because they don’t wait long to see the doctor. A lot of medical problems are detected early on and treatment is administered in a timely manner, leading to a healthier society.

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