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by on October 14, 2019
Hello friends, these days I was a tourist in my city and the purpose was to know which are the hotels that offer day pass in the city, and which are the best, that is why I will give you the list of only 10 that to tell the truth They caught my attention and several of them can be found in the Original post: Day Pass Cancun Dream House Hotel This Hotel in Isla Mujeres deserves to be the Top 1 of this post, because its Day Pass is not only very economical (550.00 MXN), it also has great activities such as a wall to climb in the sea, water activities such as kayaking and it is also found in Women Island. This is a place to spend a day full of activities and no reservation is needed, just go directly to reception to request it. Harbor House Casa de Puerto is a Hotel in Puerto Morelos that meets all the requirements to spend an incredible day in its facilities, because you will not only enjoy a rich, but seriously rich Mexican food, also a very quiet environment away from the daily noise of the big cities and it is also by the sea. Aloft Cancun
The Alof hotel is located in the Hotel Zone of Cancun and has 2 types of day Pass; Day pass at 300 MXN and Full day pass at 800 MXN. In itself the day pass of 300, is the access to the pool and facilities such as lounge chairs, towels and umbrellas, while the full day pass, includes a rich, but rich body massage and access to all facilities I took the full day pass and the truth is that I liked it and as a bonus this hotel has an incredible view from its last floor to the Nichupte Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. Aquamarina beach Cancun
I found this hotel very curious and although I did not like the food much if the installation, it has 3 pools and is on a private beach. The day pass has 550 MXN and is a family hotel, so it is suitable to go with children and has a children's slide and some activities such as beach soccer ball Smart Oasis
I was in a conflict between whether this should be the first or not and the reason is that the day pass of this hotel is luxurious, has more than 30 activities to do such as kayaking, yoga, snorkeling, in addition to 3 restaurants, theater, among other things The only detail is that the cost of this day pass is 1500 MXN, which exceeds the budget of most people. Selina hotel zone
Selina is a hotel that in itself has been called "hotel for nomads" because in itself it focuses a lot on backpackers and passing travelers. It offers a day pass at a cost of 350 MXN, but it returns 300 in consumption and it is in the area and it is beautiful. Barcel Costa Cancun
This is another hotel in the Hotel Zone of Cancun, it is located at km 4.5 and its day pass has a cost of 1200 MXN, particularly I like the atmosphere because IT IS A LOT OF FUN Acamaya Reef
The day pass in Acamaya Reef is 350 MXN, it includes a bourgeois and a beer and I know that it seems little but, this place that really sells is the privacy and tranquility of the place. Aquaworld Day Pass
This company was at the forefront of the hotels that offer day pass, but in this case it offers more than 10 aquatic activities in one day. It should be noted that the cost is accessible (USD 130) for more than 10 activities, but honestly the 10 activities are not carried out for the time of each one. Maroma Adventure Day Pass
Maroma Adventura is located near Playa del Carmen and offers a Day pass for only 2500 MXN. Your day pass offers many activities such as driving a quad bike, riding a horse, taking a safari, just to mention a few and it is really worth living Extra
Urban homes cancun are apartments in Puerto Cancun that has its marina and private beach and lagoon, it is very nice and sometimes makes events with access type Day Pass To know about the events it is necessary to follow their social networks. Well this has been my research for this week that happened, there were really about 57 hotels that offer day pass but as I said only the best entered here. Greetings a big hug
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