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by on October 15, 2019
Many owners of suburban real estate are interested in how to choose windows for a private house that will maximally provide the desired coziness and comfortable microclimate, which will create optimal conditions for life. Therefore, we choose double-glazed windows strong, durable, environmentally friendly, safe and with excellent thermal insulation properties. The last point is extremely important, because plastic windows for a house are often distinguished by an increased standard size in comparison with apartment ones. Few people use standard frames in cottages, resulting in increased heat losses and increased heating costs of the building. How to choose a home window At the moment, suppliers most often offer double-glazed windows with one, two and three cameras. The second in our climate is in high demand. Two-chamber frames contain three glasses, perfectly protect against noise and cold, and their cost is quite affordable. Find more at the Single chamber include 2 glass, resulting in significantly lower energy efficiency. Such double-glazed windows are recommended to be installed in non-residential premises. Windows in a private house with three chambers (4 glasses) and more are rarely used in our area, as they are intended for more severe and colder climatic zones. Therefore, it makes no sense to overpay for them most often. In the cottages, windows are installed as a standard rectangular shape with standard dimensions, as well as original ones according to an individual sketch. In the latter case, we observe a wide range of variations, so the installation of plastic windows in a private house takes on additional difficulties. On the other hand, they are able to emphasize the individuality of the owner, because in an apartment it is possible to mount standard and in some cases (in stalinka houses) - arched double-glazed windows. Forms of frames for installation in a country house: rectangular arched triangular round trapezoidal polygonal panoramic (French). Rectangular - frames familiar to us, which are most often found and fit into any typical openings. Arch-shaped windows give the architecture a classic look. They require additional reinforcement to maintain structural rigidity. Triangular windows for a wooden house, as well as for brick and concrete, need to be designed before the construction stage. For a blind frame, it is enough to withstand an angle of 20 to ensure high-quality welding of the PVC profile seam. If you want to open the wings freely, make an angle of at least 30. This rule is also valid for trapezoidal windows. Their difference in this lies in a wide range of opening methods: fanlight, swivel, ventilation mode, and swing-out. Round frames are often used in attics, basements and attics. They also require reinforcing stiffness; half the window may open. Polygonal designed to complement the original architecture of the building. French panoramic plastic windows for a wooden house are recommended for glazing balconies, terraces and loggias. They are distinguished by a large standard size “on the floor”, therefore they ensure maximum penetration of light into the room. Optimal lighting is the key to coziness and comfort Unlike apartments, where the openings for double-glazed windows are standard, in country cottages they differ in the widest range, because many build housing on an individual project. Therefore, the building can have panoramic, round, arched, triangular and other windows. If replacing old frames, consult a specialist. It correctly measures openings for each double-glazed window. If you are building a new house, then initially you need to calculate the window area so that the room as a result does not turn out to be too dark and uncomfortable, and on the other hand, there would not be excessive heat loss and feelings of insecurity for some people. How to calculate the windows in the house correctly? It is enough to know the relevant standards. The minimum required amount of light enters the room if the total area of ​​the windows in it is 10-12.5% ​​of the total. If the window is planned for one, then its dimensions should be 1/5 - 1/8 of the floor size. The recommended maximum is 2/3 of the room area. If you start from the width of the room, then the frame should occupy 55% of this parameter. In terms of physiological parameters, this is the optimal size. If you are still not completely sure that you know how to choose the right window for your home, please note that modern frame designs are equipped with air intake valves and a micro-slot ventilation system. Due to this, fogging of the double-glazed window is leveled, high-quality ventilation is provided, so that the room will always be fresh and comfortable. Our consultants will tell you how to choose metal-plastic windows for your home or PVC frames, taking into account the characteristics of your home and the required technical characteristics of the products.
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