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by on October 19, 2019
We, as a parent, perform a lot of sacrifices for the well being of our children. We save highly to send to over-budgeted schools. We invest in their future so much that we tend to forget about their present safety. What if we tell you that your tyres are responsible for many compromising situations on the roads. The tyres of our vehicle, not just the ring of rubber that rotates around to move our vehicle forward and backwards. It is more than that.

Have you ever experienced your vehicle is consuming more fuel than that is desired? If it is the case, make sure to have a look at your tyres before blaming it on the engine. Tyres of our car assist it in steering its ways through tight corners while maintaining the mandatory control. It is the tyres that help you with adequate traction on wet and dry roads. So, why do we neglect them to the extent that they pose a threat to our lives?

Therefore, we offer the following tyre damages that one should take care of:

1. Balding tyres: One of the most significant issue with tyres is the development of a bald patch that results in the skidding of the vehicle at high speeds. Balding of tyres may occur because of a failing wheel alignment or unbalancing of the wheels. Bald patches are never good as it also exposes the internal of your tyres to the road conditions. If you find your tyres getting bald, make sure to get them replaced as soon as possible.

2. Tread depth: Though the legal tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, or above experts will tell you differently. Tread with 1.6mm or above is not enough to provide necessary traction on the roads. If you are considering the safety of your family, the tread of your tyres should be well above 3mm. Below 3mm the traction offered by the tyres is gravely compromised.

3. Damages to the tyres: Tyres can suffer from a number of damages. Be it the sidewall cuts or shoulder malfunction, every damage to the tyres lead to precarious situations on the roads. The most dangerous of them all is sidewall cracks. These cracks in the sidewall are a result of the ageing of the tyres. The cracks are top reasons for your tyres Newark  to go flat in the middle of the road. Another challenging thing to handle damage is a leak in the tyre tube. If the tyre tube of your car suffers from damage above the limit set by the government, you will have to replace it as a must.

Tyres play a crucial role in the safety maintenance of your car. Therefore any departure in the standard conditions of tyres will lead to significant accidents on the roads. If you are in a fix your Tyres Nottingham has issues with their integrity, don’t forget to drive your car to us. We, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, store a range of high-quality tyres that will help you with your driving needs for sure. 
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