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In most jurisdictions, the law doesn't require that you hire a family practice attorney in a family law case. While there are no strict requirements for these cases, having a family practice lawyer is very beneficial in most cases. A good lawyer gives you the opportunity to better represent yourself. Also, having a lawyer means that you will have a better outcome and avoid any financial risks that can result from a poor outcome.

There are many reasons to have a family lawyer. Here are some of them:

Bully and threat prevention

Family law cases are often very intimate and sensitive to all the parties involved. Threats, lies and deceitful behavior are often present in these cases. Spouses fight, family and friends are involved, and the children often have to suffer. It's not uncommon to see threats like “you'll never see the kids ever again!” or “I'm not giving you another cent!”...

These threats, while not necessarily illegal, must be dealt with accordingly. Usually, they are made by the party who doesn't have a family lawyer, simply because they know that they can get away with it. Unfortunately, in these cases, the other party may feel harassed, threatened or even scared. If this happens, the threatened spouse may get silenced into submission, believing that such comments may be true. The truth is, however, that there are things you can do to avoid these situations, and your lawyer will know how to help. A good lawyer can keep the threats in check, help you avoid more trouble and keep their claims in check. Also, in case of abuse, a good lawyer can help filter and calm the combative party. The lawyer will contact the spouse, trying to help create a better communication channel. Essentially, the lawyer acts as a buffer and absorbs some of the aggression and negativity which often occurs in these cases. When direct communication is no longer possible or effective, your lawyer can help you, negotiating on your behalf.

Legal protection

In most jurisdictions, family law is incredibly complex. It has a lot of rules, regulations and special statutes. If you are confronted with a family law case, just understanding the difficult terms and regulations of these laws can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of different cases, details and other factors that can make your special situation difficult. What's more, laws constantly change and are affected by previous outcomes of past cases.

Most people don't know the family laws, and they shouldn't have to. Hiring a family practice lawyer helps you through this process. He or she will know the laws, know the details behind each regulation and statute, and know how to deal with your case appropriately. Getting a lawyer also prevents the situation where you will be taken advantage of by the other spouse. For instance, if your spouse has a lawyer, he or she can take advantage of you, especially if you don't know your rights or don't understand the law. A good family practice attorney will also know how judges think and how they make their decisions. You'll have a partner that will protect your interests, know how the legal system works and how to get the ideal outcome for your case.

Court concerns and representation

The modern litigation world is incredibly overburdened. Courtrooms are flooded with cases, from all walks of life. Judges are simply overwhelmed with work and their jam-packed calendar has an unrealistic caseload. They simply don't have the time and resources to do their job properly. And they definitely don't have the time to explain the laws, the proceedings and help you with your case.

If you do have a family law case, and don't know and understand the court proceedings, you will feel overwhelmed. You won't know how paperwork is submitted, what you need to do and how you can protect your interests effectively. A lawyer will help you understand your rights, will represent your case and will know everything there is to know about the paperwork. A lawyer will know how to explain the case, present facts, and clues, how to talk to the judge and how to obtain the best result for your case. They know how to be persuasive, how to be helpful and how to get the best outcome.

Getting the peace of mind

Family law cases are immensely stressful for both parties and the children. There's a huge amount of uncertainty, a lot of emotional stress and some people can lose control in the process. Depression, anxiety, and hopelessness are common side effects of most family law cases. Going alone through a difficult divorce, for instance, can be overwhelming for some people. Having a lawyer by your side who can help you understand your spouse's threats, claims and requests can be immensely helpful. He or she can provide you with legal options, offer advice and act as emotional support. A good family lawyer can be a friend, a person who you can trust during these tough times.

Offering financial security

Almost every family law case has a financial component. There are a lot of fees, taxes and the possibility of losing assets, so you will have to have a lawyer that can guide you through these legal issues. Hiring a good family practice attorney can sometimes help you save money in the long run. Here's how:

* you'll better determine how much to pay in child support; similarly, you'll likely get more in child support

* you'll get more in spousal maintenance; similarly, you'll pay less for spousal maintenance

* your marital assets will be divided fairly

* you won't have to take so much time off from work to attend important events related to the case – your family practice lawyer will represent you when needed

* you will get help with the legal fees and any financial request from your spouse

* you will get financial advice on how to handle creditors and insurance companies in case anything goes wrong
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