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by on October 23, 2019
Classic massage is the application of all massage techniques in the whole body in turn. Massage is applied intensively to shoulder and back. The solution obtained with the mixture of special massage oils prepared in Wellness Spa section is applied to the whole body. It is a massage method which is applied by relieving dead skin from relaxing skin without applying excessive pressure. Muscle spasms and edema are distributed during classical massage. Classical massage, which is the starting point of medical massage applications, carries Chinese culture.

How to do Classic Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi at Wellness Spa?

As in all general massages, first of all, a steam bath is taken in the mega bath sauna section. After an average of 10 minutes of sauna pleasure, the traditional Turkish bath begins to be applied in a standard massage position in the massage room equipped with scents in the skin massage section, which is purified from dead skin after the pouch foam applications. Here, our guest's preference is to apply the massage oil, which is preferred from fragrant oils, with the method of stroking the back with eflorage method. The most important factor in the application of classical massage method is hidden in the use of the masseur's fingers. The correct sequence is to ensure that the contracted muscles relax with sweet pain as a result of the correct pressure application of the fingers. This proper massage triggers the causes of normalization of pulse and improvement of blood circulation.

What are the Benefits of Classic Massage, Effective Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi at Wellness Spa?

The classical massage, which can be applied without fat, is highly effective in the recovery of malignant blood pressure and normalization of blood circulation. The demand was accepted due to its intensity and it was also known as Turkish Massage. It has become the choice of athletes who are dynamic people and desk people who work monotonously in contrast, and it has become a useful massage application chosen by all kinds of people because of its fatigue-catching effect and making it feel more dynamic. The classical massage applied in our Wellness Massage Spa in Kailash Colony has proved to be a mental relaxation besides the physical positive effects.

Therefore, it acts as an antidepressant against stress. Continuous adherence prevents cardiovascular disease in later years. It is a source of healing because of its toxin-scavenging properties, especially when applied in seasons.

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