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by on October 24, 2019

And so I come back to the basic question. What is content marketing?

Dialogue Marketing

Content marketing is a course in which editorial content is used to come into contact with your target group. With relevant content at the right time and with the right person, this contact can lead to the exchange of information so that there is a bond, a relationship between both parties, based on mutual trust and interdependence. Relevance is the key here. Think of it as a kind of marriage that you enter into and we all know that a successful marriage is hard work. But if you are willing, you will get a lot in return. Namely satisfied customers who are positive about you on social media and in reviews, for example, which attract new customers.

When you consider that 7 out of 10 consumers first download free on itunes and read peer reviews before they buy, You realize the great importance of this for companies. And just like a marriage between two people, a lot will have to be communicated. By companies not only about the products / services that are delivered, but also about the interests of your customer that are an extension of the usefulness of the product delivered. If you are prepared to do so, you will enter into a successful relationship as a company and your customer will remain loyal to you faster and much longer. Entering into that dialogue is the essence of the content marketing course. but also about the interests of your customer that are an extension of the usefulness of the product delivered.

Customer journey

But do it wisely, because content marketing is not about bothering people. The point is that customers need something from the information you offer them and that they thereby accept your invitation to come in contact. It's about entering into a relationship that goes beyond just a purchase. That relationship covers the entire customer journey and relates to and affects all touch points. Getting in touch with each other at the right time in the right context is therefore crucial. The secret is that as a company / brand you put yourself in the situation of the customer and add value to his specific situation / life. It is about involvement and mutual loyalty.

Outstanding customer service

I mentioned before that customers must be willing to accept the invitation to contact you. They only do this if there is clear added value for them, otherwise they reject your invitation. Delivering that added value is exactly what content marketing is all about. Then customers are even willing to provide information about their behavior and who they are. With this data, companies can build profiles to better tailor their content to the information needs of their customers. In this time dominated by the internet, the competitive advantage for companies consists of continuous innovation and outstanding customer service. Content marketing makes an important contribution to the development of that outstanding service.

Content marketing laws

Content marketing is a profession that focuses on entering into a long-term personal conversation with your customers. The key to success is that editorial content is so relevant that customers accept your invitation. This only happens if the content of the conversation (the content) is served in a pleasant, pleasant way for them, at the moment that suits them, in the form that suits them and is tailored to their information needs. Companies that recognize the value of content marketing, who dare to enter into dialogue with their customers, who take the step from interruption marketing to inventation marketing, from push to pull, these companies will stand out from their competitors. Because once you have delivered reliable relevant content, you are a reliable source. Your customers trust you and will take action faster by purchasing your products / services. And via social media they will express a positive opinion about those products / services. Which in turn attracts new potential customers. Reliable, relevant content is thus a critical success factor for companies to achieve their objectives in a society dominated by the internet and social media.

So, in summary, optimal content:
• Is served in a pleasant, pleasant way
• When it suits the customer
• In the form that suits the customer
• Is tailored to his information needs
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