by on November 12, 2019
As one of the moments (whose hopes) occur once in a lifetime, marriage deserves to be properly enshrined. Whether it's in the form of photos or videos, many couples prepare well to document the wedding moments from the blessing or the contract, to the moment of the reception. Now, so that the moment of a wedding reception becomes more memorable, it never hurts you to try out some unique and exciting ways. Can from the angle or pose you and your partner, can be tried for maximum results and more memorable. Check out some of the inspiration that has been summarized for you Hipwee Wedding! 1. Posing carried can be a romantic pose that you and your partner try on a happy day. You don't have to go outdoors too, you can try it in the building after the wedding blessing or contract ~ 2. Looks like there's almost no couple who will miss this hugging pose from behind. So you don't miss it, don't forget to put this pose in the request list to your photographer! 3. Pose hugging intimate partner with the bride who became the 'main star' like a photo of this Korean couple you can apply. Romantic ~ 4. Pose rubbing your nose like Randi Bachtiar and Tasya Kamila can be a very memorable photo with a partner. It is just right for display at home, so if you fight again, remember how good it was before. Hehe! 5. Simple poses such as holding candid style photos like Raisa and Hamish, you can also try them. Let it feel natural romantic, shy but want ~ 6. It's nice if your partner fully supports your hobby. You can add your favorite elements as Roger Danuarta and Cut Meyriska did 7. Pose as if dancing could be another option for intimate photos of you and your partner on a special day. Not strong, sweet ... ugh! 8. Finally, if you and an expressive type partner, there's no harm in also capturing the moment of your first kiss. Can be displayed in the room so that the love affair and heat continues ~ So, which one would you like to try with your partner? Your halal partner is not your partner, hehe ~
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