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by on November 13, 2019

The world is changing. And new technology is emerging each year and each month. This advancement has changed our lives in various ways, both for better and for worse. The year 2018 has been considered as the year of the AI, we have seen many developments and controversies regarding the existence of AI.

Many consider that AI development will be the biggest milestone in the human history and while others consider it as the biggest and last human invention as it will eradicate us completely once it reaches the highest level of intelligence. Nowadays an online essay writing service depends on AI technology to write millions of documents in few hours for students all around the globe. The AI writing tools donot worry about the content length or type of subject to write on.

Many films like “I, Robot” and “ex-machina” and TV series like “Humans” have shown the AI robots that have taken control over the world and have exceeded the human expectations for the worse to the point that they have become the biggest threat to mankind.

“Success in creating effective AI could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization. Or the worst. We just don’t know. So we can’t know for sure if we’ll be infinitely helped by

AI, or ignored by it and side-lined, or conceivably destroyed by it.”

These are the words of a famous physicist Stephan Hawking. Similarly, Elon Musk the innovator at SpaceX have multiple times given warnings to the AI developers. He like Tesla considers that AI will super exceed the human intelligence and will end up as the biggest disaster of the human history and at one point its complexities will exceed the intelligence of human mind, and all human even combined won’t be able to handle the AI.

Such warnings are alarming….

AI: Three levels of intelligence
From 10 to 60 years as result of singularity most probably humans will reach another level of innovations in technology due to AI, or in the opposite case, we might face the extinction in the hands of an AI. At basic level, there are three types of Artificial intelligence. 
Narrow AI is the lowest level of Artificial intelligence that we can see at around us in many forms and performs limited range of tasks due to limited capabilities. We are surrounded by these AIs in form Amazon and Netflix algorithms that are used to understand the user preferences and caters their needs according to user browsing history and internet activity. Narrow AI is harmless due to their narrow capabilities.

Artificial general intelligence is the advanced form of AI that is capable of replicating all sorts of human interactions and intellectual actions. In academics term, AGI is considered as strong AI that can be used for the human development and it is usually the goal of the AI the Projects. Eva From film ex-Machina is the example of this AI. This level of AI can’t exceed to the next level of self-consciousness and self-improvement.

In 2017 around 40 organizations searched on the AGI.

The next level of AGI, artificial super intelligence is the level of AI that has alarmed the experts of the world. These AIs will be able to increase their intelligence by every minute. And humans with slow biological evolutions will be superseded by the Super artificial intelligence.

Such AIs will be able to analyze the situation in their own capabilities and can become threat to human existence if they feel a threat from them, which is alarming.

Machines are capable of ‘understanding’ the algorithms and in ideal cases analyzing the problems, but they lack emotions and human empathy, which can turn out to be more destructive than any nuclear weapon.
Following are few examples to illustrate the dangers that AIs can cause to human existence.

Autonomous threat
AI programs will turn out to be more deadly in the form of autonomous weapons then any other form of weapons.
According to Russian president Vladimir Putin, AI is the future that will decide the new superpower. Whoever will exceed in AI technology will be able to control the world. And this will be the deadliest weapon that world has ever seen.
This raises a question that what if AI at some level takes control over the world and doesn’t value human life, then what? Once they come into being, it won’t be a possibility to dismantle them easily.

Agenda of social manipulation and slavery
Social manipulation is one of the main strategies that is used over the masses to keep them under control, by the governments. Electronic media and social media; both use these techniques to target their audiences and to manipulate them into buying their agendas.
After Trump’s winning the presidential elections and U.K.’s BREXIT referendum, many conspiracies have arisen that suggest that AI’s were used to manipulate the public’s opinion in the elections.
It is still a conspiracy theory, but if these speculations are true, then it is alarming. As this form of AI manipulations can definitely impact and change the future of the human politics through manipulative propagandas, which will give rise to a new form of unseen slavery.

New way of discrimination
These AI, collect, analyze and track our data. What if they acquire super artificial intelligence and use our data against us and alter our search results and discriminate just on their personal likes and dislikes?

A new form of warfare
US military is creating an automated form of warfare that will greatly increase its warfare capacity. This algorithmic warfare will use military’s data and machine learning to inform the Pentagon to analyze its military goals.

In movies, AIs are shown as robots that will resemble humans but in real life this will be far more complex, as at basic level these are computer algorithms that don’t require a physical appearance.
These AIs can stay embedded in all smart devices and control all the smart electronic machines and devices without our knowledge. Thus it is important that scientists stay careful with their experimentations on AI. If their curiosity with AI will go out of control, it can destroy the human future.

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