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by on November 13, 2019

As soon as you left pre-school just get ready to face the assignments which will scare you. Yes, I am talking about assignments, not a zombie. But trust me I just want to aware of you!
Welcome to the difficult journey!
This is just the beginning of a difficult yet interesting journey. Trust me you would really enjoy the new life, but the only horrible thing about this life is long, tough and demanding essay-based assignments. Sometimes it makes you cry. You feel it's all jumbled up, assignments, activities, quizzes, and papers.
What is different here?
So what is actually new? What is the hype about? The assignments that you get in high school and college are not as easy as pie. You will need to learn good writing skills. These essays and papers need to be written following a certain writing format such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. This might annoy you in the beginning and go to the essay writer for help. But you will get used to it after some time.

Reference is essential!
Every information that you put in your assignments and papers need to be backed by some reference. Yes, you cannot just copy-paste the link, you will have to follow the proper citation styles APA, MLA, etc. Failure to cite the reference properly will result in a direct loss of your grades. Initially, it may seem, and you freak out, but later you will become expert in these formats.

Rubrics and Requirements
The grading rubrics are provided by teachers which you will have to follow while writing your assignments and papers. You can't afford to make any grammatical mistakes because it ruins the marks and grades. All you need to do is show diligent care while doing your assignments. Don't Lose Hope, work harder or smarter. It will be smooth sailing for you.
Do you share your feelings about dealing with the tough life and strict assignments? Comment below to share your words!

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