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The cookbook of a chef is substantially filled with ingredients used for making recipes, therefore at one of the perfect day you take out the cookbook and make your favorite dish. Similarly, a writer’s cookbook contains all the ingredients essential for making the vitality of life and its workings. You may find ‘sugar spice and everything nice’ when it comes to writer’s cookbook related to the actuality of issues in life. Here the word cookbook is metaphorically representing the personalized journal or writing pad of a writing specialist, which contains enchanting ideas and life lessons. 

Writers are fond of uncertain things which usually happen in life, and they are known as the great hoarders of ideas and believes. Whenever I write my essay, the specific ideas which I gather are mostly from the personal memos and diaries of great writers, i.e., Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka, and Sylvia Plath. You may have noticed, and the great thinkers are mostly great writers. Thus the exploration and extraction from the works of great philosophers and thinkers always give various genre of information to write about. 

The journals and personal diaries of an average person, who is not much into the writing and writes just for the sake of keeping things intact in the memory, is not disappointing either; there is always some amount of intriguing ideas and notions in these pieces too. Commonly, the great writers start from the basic levels as well. They have this particular habit of noting down everything like a creepy journalist. They feel safe and assertive while keeping a track record of even the lamest concept which their fragile mind has just captured, maybe in their sleep or, doing the most random stuff, like tying their shoelace.

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