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by on November 21, 2019
Well-marked black lines, bright colors are emanating from inflamed skin and a mechanized sound of coils echoing in all corners of the establishment. Usually, this is the first impression you will get when you visit a tattoo studio.
Currently, tattoo art is regaining importance. It becomes more and more popular among young people and adults. Still, in turn, this is an opportunity to ask ourselves: What does the tattoo in a country like Mexico represent at a social and cultural level?
To talk about the origins of the tattoo would imply going back to the origins of humanity itself, although surely we will not always know the exact date on which the first tattoo was made. What we can be sure of is that since ancient times they were all over the world, on all continents, inquiring among all the ancient civilizations, we can find antecedents of the tattoo we know today.
Sometimes with a social sense, sometimes with a deep meaning, related to mysticism and the divinities of the culture in question, the human being has always found in the tattoo a method to reflect who he is and how he thinks.
Currently, a tattoo has become a symbol of identity and a means to express personal ideas. This urge of expression is found among the millennials and Generation Z, a fairly large sector of followers who see a tattoo as a medium to demonstrate their individuality and interest in.
We live in a country where the majority of the population has a very conservative way of thinking about what tattoos symbolize and are disqualified because only criminals and drug addicts could make such modifications to their bodies. This statement is reflected in the situations that must happen day by day; people who have decided to take this lifestyle.
A tattoo goes beyond that and absolutely represents the word "Freedom" because it is not only about the aesthetic, but it transcends to an almost spiritual degree in order Last of being able to capture something with great meaning in your skin for the rest of your life.
These are some of the ideas widely believed by contemporary tattoo artists like Evaldas Gulbinas. He is a Lithuanian based tattoo artist and fine artist whose personal and professional life largely revolves around art. Gulbinas' portfolio of tattoo works is highly respected, and in his hometown, he is considered one of the best tattoo artists. His aesthetic sense and capabilities to curate monumental ideas is loved by his followers.
As stated above, most people get their first professional tattoo in an age range between 18 and 25, because they were always surrounded by art and tattoo throughout their childhood and development.
If you are thinking about getting a tattoo is to think it really, and in a very objective way, it is something that you will carry throughout your life. Once you are sure that you are going to do it, it is important to check the artist's work folder to ensure that whoever makes the tattoo is the best for the style you are looking for.
If you are considering getting a tattoo, you should also consider all the social consequences that will come with it. If you are planning to stay in a highly conservative society, you will find yourself with social stigmas and discrimination that may negatively affect you.
As we can see, a tattoo goes beyond the image or fashion and has become a culture, a lifestyle with great responsibility.
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