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Students should choose a topic to write classification essay sample

The first requirement is to select a topic for the classification essay sample. The tutors provide some times the topics. However, in case students have to choose a topic, it should be from any daily life related issues. Once the topic is selected, the following steps would be necessary to write this essay.

Mention the criteria for classification

Any single major argument can be divided in smaller groups, according to the purpose that may be set for categorizing the groups. For example, computer technology being a vast subject; the various types of computers can be classified into one group as per the similarities in their functions. The categories will be separate for personal computers, laptops etc and large mainframe computers as their functions and uses vary, largely.

However, when we are talking on a wider horizon like comparing the manufacturing process of a big plant, the automation systems will be classified separately in groups and subgroups. The role of computer technology here will be for discharging functions related to the manufacturing process of a certain machine, like operations of a lathe machine having “computerized numerically controlled (CNC)” working system.

Therefore there is a need to give due importance to the basis of classification to write a clear classification essay sample.

As it is not so easy to write such an essay, students are advised to go through other papers like argumentative essays and book review essay

Research for the relevant data

Sometimes, the classification will require submission of accurate figures and data for the same and it should be collected through online research on the concerned topic by paper writing service. For example, the percentage of teenagers that smoke and percentage of adult smokers in a town can be a topic for writing a classification essay sample. Both these groups will be classified under separate headings, below the main group heading of smokers.

The relevant data related to the total population of the town, followed by the data for teenager smokers and adult smokers will have to be shuffled separately to arrive at the desired percentage figures.

Students must remember that the sources of the information collected for such data, should be put in a proper format at the end of the essay, on a bibliography page. This page will contain the in-text citation references also that have been given within the essay body at various stages.

Organize your essay

This will relate to putting the collected information in a proper format to make it a good essay. For this purpose, it is necessary that students have a look at other essays like academic essay and essay formats, to have a better grip on the writing skills required to write any type of essay.

The classification essay sample will require an introduction part, main essay body and the conclusion part of the essay, like any other essay. However, this being a laborious and time taking exercise, students can take help from professional experts for ordering a custom research paper , for this purpose.

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