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by on November 29, 2019

Believe it or not, the winter holidays are just weeks away! 'Tis the season for cheer, merriment...and, if you're a business owner, figuring out what to do about corporate gifts for your valued clients. The holidays are a great time of year to show your sincere appreciation for your top clients with a thoughtful and memorable token of gratitude. While most corporations give some type of holiday gift to clients to thank them for their support over the past year, it's not always easy to pick gifts that hit just the right note and make a lasting impression without putting too large of a dent in your company's budget.

Here are some hints for choosing the perfect corporate gifts that not only demonstrate how much you value the business you receive from your clients, but to make them that much more motivated to continue doing business with your company in the coming year.

Personalize It

It may seem efficient to order 25 copies of the same book, or a case of identical bottles of wine to distribute to each of your top clients for corporate gifts, but simply giving the exact same thing to each client can somewhat cheapen the meaning of the gesture. After all, a holiday gift should be something that was chosen specifically with a person in mind, not an obligatory thing to be checked off of a to-do list. Take time to think about the personalities, interests, and hobbies of each client on your company's gift list to ensure that you are selecting thoughtful, personalized presents that will be meaningful to the recipients.

Think Outside the (Gift-Wrapped) Box

Since the holidays are filled with their own special customs, decorations, and themes, it can be easy to fall into the common trap of sending holiday-themed corporate gifts, such as large boxes of chocolates, cellophane-wrapped gift baskets, and decorative items like Christmas trees and snowmen, which have a relatively short shelf life and virtually disappear once January rolls around. This year, consider giving clients a gift card to their favorite stores - using one of the gift card platforms full of choices. This way, your company's gift will have staying power long after the onslaught of holiday goodies from other business partners vanish from your client's home or office.

Reflect Your Office Culture

The holidays are a time of year to celebrate tradition and culture. Why not extend that idea to your corporate gifts for clients? A gift that reflects your company's mission, brand identity, or core values can really hit home with clients who appreciate your business throughout the year. For example, if you are the owner of a company that places an emphasis on environmentalism, you can give your clients gifts that help preserve the ecosystem, such as recycled-paper stationery or a set of reusable straws. Your gift will not only speak to the goals and ideals of your company, but also stand out from other, more typical corporate gifts your clients may receive.

When choosing appropriate corporate gifts that also stand apart from the rest of the companies your clients do business with, it's best to be mindful of what the corporate gift giving is all about: showing thanks and appreciation for all of the support your clients have given you throughout the year, and wishing them continued success and prosperity in the year ahead. By keeping your clients' unique personalities in mind, you will be able to find corporate gifts that genuinely delight those who help keep your business running all year long.

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