Paul Norrell
by on December 3, 2019

There’s no better decoration than a World Map Mural to spice up that blank wall in your office, lobby, or classroom. Here at World Maps Online, we have a wide selection of world maps to choose from that will transform any wall into a beautiful aesthetic experience. Our murals are printed using high-resolution digital files and feature delightful, detailed cartography. Once applied, our maps provide a dramatic accent for any space.

One of our favorite World Map Murals is the Executive World Map from National Geographic. This stunning political map features National Geographic’s signature cartographic style—a staple of their print publication for over seventy-five years. Richly detailed, with thousands of labels that have been meticulously placed to both enhance legibility and maximize the map’s level of fidelity, the Executive World Map is one of the most accurate world maps around. National Geographic maps are carefully researched, employing multiple authoritative sources that frequently update the map’s information. The map’s gorgeous antique-style cartography (utilizing rich earth tones) is enhanced by detailed relief shading that creates the effect of three-dimensional terrain as well as depth in ocean floor bathymetry. International boundaries, major cities, national capitals, rivers, lakes, deserts, mountain ranges, and many, many other features are shown on the map in bold, easy-to-read National Geographic fonts. This multiple-award-winning map is presented in a Winkel-Tripel projection to minimize the distortion of land masses near the poles.

Another of our favorite maps is our NASA “Night Lights” Satellite Image mural. This stunning view of the night-time world depicts the extent and patterns of human settlements across the planet. Satellite image data derived from NASA is the source for this clear view of how we light up the night. City lights are presented in glowing detail, allowing you to easily identify urban centers across the globe. This unique satellite image map is an excellent conversation piece that will look great on any wall. It is a spectacular visualization of our human footprint.

Finally, we have our teaching world map murals. For example, our Academia World Primary Learning map. This map mural is ideal for teaching geography to second and third-grade students, providing a good introduction to the political regions of the world. Countries are clearly displayed in bright, contrasting colors with their political boundaries outlined. Countries, national capitals, major cities, and US states are all clearly labeled. This map also features rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, and latitude/longitude lines. A detailed legend explains the map’s symbols and labeling conventions, and a further pictorial legend displays distinct land and water forms. The map’s insets include global views of the north and south poles. This map is an excellent educational tool for introducing children to basic map skills.

For over two decades, World Maps Online has been the top online retailer for world map murals. We offer thousands of map titles, many of which originate in our own publishing division, Academia Maps®, which is a leading supplier for the United States’ education sector. Come Shop at World Maps Online Today!

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