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by on December 4, 2019
Acrylic Sunglasses Display Box Three Sides Show
Product classification: Acrylic Sunglasses Display Box;
Sample time: 3 to 7 working days;
Product name: Acrylic Sunglasses Display Box Three Sides Show;
Size: L38cm*W27cm*H46cm or customized;
Structure design: customized;
Application: duty-free stores, exclusive stores, shopping malls, retail stores, new product release meetings, chain stores, etc.
Acrylic Sunglasses Display Box Three Sides Show, three layers to display, with LED light at the bottom, fashionable, unique and attractive appearance.
1. three sides to display the sunglasses, get large view distance and view range;
2. LED light at the bottom of the display box, creat better visual effect;
3. Promotional photos can print onto the backboard of this acrylic sunglasses display box;
4. Logo and slogan can print onto the top and bottom of this display box, get more brand publicity.
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