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by on December 4, 2019
Finding a PG in Gurgaon is not a tough task. With options in every next street, you will come across a number of PGs in the locality. But what is tough is finding a perfect Pg that gives you a home like stay with hassle-free experience. It's very common, people looking for a change within a month after moving to any PG.

To overcome this most common problem, tenants need to take note of a few things before shifting into the best PG in Gurgaon or anywhere.

Type of PGs in Gurgaon

Unlike earlier, PGs now can be categorized into multiple categories. This includes Solo Rooms, Shared Rooms, Co-Living. Co living now a days is most popular among st all. Co living or communal is a modern way of living in cities where one gets a private bedroom with a common area & common kitchen in a fully-furnished home. Co-living is getting very popular specially in Metro cities as it offers a luxurious accommodation at an affordable pricing.


What are the facilities the PG is providing. Are they charging extra for that facility or is it all included in the rent. Make sure you have got all the details of services and compare it with others. Try to negotiate quoting the facilities and charges of other PGs.


Connectivity is something inescapable. You should take a proper care of connectivity of the property to your office or college. Connectivity to metro, public transport, market and other major things of daily life. Apart from this, one major connectivity that people generally forget while house-hunting. Network connectivity in your room. Do check it, else you gonna regret!


Locality is yet another important factor. You have got friends, family to visit. Not staying into a decent locality will surely turn out to be a concern no sooner. Infact, your own security is the most important concern that you must be thinking of especially for women. Ak your friends, colleagues, Google it. But don’t compromise with it.

Something Extra!

Also look for something extra. Being into a fierce competitive market, almost all the PGs offers something unique to retain their tenants. Some offers Discount at partner stores, while some offers cash or vouchers for referring a friend. So, don’t hesitate to put your query of something extraaa!

These are a few points that will surely make your stay in any PG in Gurgaon an awesome experience. There are few other things that you must not forget, this includes Lock-In Period, Security Refund, Proper Rent Agreement with all details. Don’t trust words, get everything on paper.

Big Brands are already into PG business in Gurgaon but somewhere there charges are a bit high. There is a startup BirdHouse Shelter which is making a remarkable presence in Gurgaon & Delhi. Focused totally to the millenials, it has some of the best aesthetically designed paying guest properties that are located nearby upbeat locales of Gurgaon and close to all the essential civic amenities in a pocket-friendly budget.

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