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by on December 4, 2019
Camping is a great time to bond with family or friends, or just have an adventure. If you love activities such as biking and hunting, a camp will provide you with the perfect environment to do this without distractions. While it helps you unwind, it also promotes some great health benefits. However, the equipment you carry play a huge role in the kind of experience you have, and a camping generator is one of the gadgets you have to acquire if you want your powering needs fully catered for. The first and one of the most important tools that campers, climbers, survivalists and anyone who is out in the middle of nowhere is owning is a flashlight. In the past, flashlights we not only costly but also required expensive batteries and several times the batteries would have to be replaced 3–8 times every couple times of months. You could not ever buy a flashlight that you would not have to replace the batteries every couple of years if you never used it. Now manufacturers are getting smarter and realizing what consumers really want, though some of the more powerful larger flashlights are expensive, they are now being offered with solar power technology. They are offering several models from less expensive ones to more expensive ones. The difference comes down to the light power inside of the bulb, but unless you are military personnel or someone who needs super bright beyond belief lighting, you can find most solar flashlights at reasonable prices. The solar flashlight we recommend is called the Hybrid Solar Flashlight. It is 19.99 and has a lifetime warranty, it floats for those who boat while camping and is offered in 4 different colors. You can find them at the link provided below along with the other products being recommended in this article. RV Camping Solar power systems for camping can readily be used in RV camping. But are they practical? Many people spend most of their RV camping time in RV camping spaces with full hook-ups. They plan trips according to where the next RV camp is, and reserve a full hook-up space for the end of each day. For them, solar power practicality is questionable. It makes a good back-up system if there is a power outage at a campground. On the whole, however, it is an unnecessary expense - just another toy. Others enjoy the freedom of being able to the power of camping without hookups. They want to get off the beaten track - be pioneers. They want the opportunity to be in a remote, quiet place for a few days. They may want to go off-road, or stop beside a quiet stream, even though it is in the middle of nowhere. They don't want to rush to make it to the next full hook-up campground. Solar power practicality for camping is real for the second group of campers. Solar power serves a practical use for them. It breaks the leash of energy needs and lets them wander as they please. Non-RV Camping Solar power systems for camping are also practical for non-RV camping. The same two groups of people are to be found. One group likes to make camp in a KOA campground, with electrical power close at hand. The other group likes to hike into the backcountry with lightweight backpacks, and camp wherever darkness overtakes them. Solar power practicality can easily be seen in the array of lightweight, portable units hitting the market. Solar power can be generated by the backpack in which gear is carried. Flexible solar panels can be rolled up and carried to the campsite, where they can be stretched on the ground to generate additional energy. Solar power systems for camping are small and portable but can generate enough energy to run a small heater or light bulb. Solar collected by a backpack while hiking can recharge a cell phone, camera, or iPod. Small solar power units will run appliances made for use in a vehicle. The coffee maker that will plug into your cigarette lighter can be run by a flexible solar power panel. These are the top solar products that campers and outdoor professionals are using while out in the field. There are powering everything from cell phones to pumps to computer systems.
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