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by on December 5, 2019
Why Should You Hire Ruby On Rails Developer For Your Website?

Ruby On Rails is a comparatively old framework for developing websites. However, it is not outdated or useless for building modern websites. Ruby on Rails powers many top-class websites like Dribbble, Square, Urban Dictionary, BaseCamp, Café Press, and so on. The list is endless. It has many features and advantages over other programming languages due to which developers like to use this framework. If you Hire Ruby on Rails developer for your next big project, it's a guarantee that your website will be highly rated and you will benefit from it. Here are all the reasons that make it the best framework for your website:
High Speed:- Programming on Ruby on Rails is much faster than most other frameworks. Rails is object-oriented and have many open-source codes. A Ruby on Rails developer can easily copy-paste these codes and save a lot of coding time. High speed of development is beneficial to your firm because it automatically reduces your expenses by reducing the time it takes to develop a website.

Readable Codes Facilitate Quick Development:- Codes on Ruby are readable, and almost all of them are self-documenting. Developers do not need to spend additional time documenting them, and this quickens the process for them. They can quickly work on existing projects. Ruby codes can also be modified and linked to external projects without any security concerns.

Reliable and Easy to Maintain:- Ruby on Rails supports Rapid Application Development (RAD). It is highly reliable when it comes to handling multiple projects. When you hire new Rails, developers, they can easily shift from one project to another, and each of your projects will likely follow the same structure and the same coding patterns. Rails is also easy to maintain because of its test-driven approach.

High Performance and Scalability:- Rails is highly scalable and supports high performance. It is perfect for websites that have high loads and enables users to experience a quick response time.

Ruby on Rails is most suitable for long-term projects. If you want to have a strong, robust framework for your website Rails is the best for you. It is the best framework when it comes to supporting regular site updates and quick prototyping.

What Kind Of Websites Should You Build Using Ruby On Rails?
Ruby on Rails is an excellent choice for a variety of websites. It can be beneficial to a wide range of online platforms. Here are the sites that you should build using the Ruby framework:-
E-Commerce:- Ruby on Rails is highly suitable for e-commerce websites. Rails has a modular approach and is extremely user-friendly. Using Rails for your website ensures that it supports high-end features like bulk uploads, product description updates, product thumbnail editing, pricing algorithms, and so on. Ruby on Rails has numerous plugins that can add functionality to an e-commerce website. Shopify, Groupon and Square are the three of the most well-known e-commerce websites that were built using Rails.

Content Management & Information:- When you build a site with Rails, users can navigate and browse through the different sections of the site without any difficulty. This is what makes Rails the best framework for any content management or information website where there are numerous articles, audio files, and so on. Uploading and managing content on a Rails website takes no time and is a fairly simple procedure. You can upload public-facing information in bulk without facing technical issues. Crunchbase, Bloomberg, Yellow Pages and The Bleacher Report are some of the leading content-based sites that use Ruby on Rails.

Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing:- Building a website using Ruby on Rails highly facilitates crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. It can handle heavy traffic and can run smoothly without crashing or breaking down. Indiegogo and Airbnb are two of the renowned websites of the kind that were developed using Rails.

Custom Database Solutions:- Ruby on Rails is the ideal framework for custom database solutions. Custom solutions are highly popular these days. Rails makes it easy to create a database structure that supports new business models.

Membership & Social Networking:- Ruby on Rails is perfect for social networking sites and sites that have the option of membership. Rails' plugins can solve almost all the challenges of social networking, and this makes it even more favourable. Ruby on Rails has powered some of the leading social networking sites. Twitter was initially built on Rails, as was GitHub and Basecamp. Although GitHub is not primarily a social networking site, it's social networking base is quite significant.

Media Hosting & Streaming Sites:- With Ruby on Rails, it is easy to host and stream media, and the website does not lag down. It facilitates quick connection. This makes it applicable for media hosting sites and streaming sites. Hulu, SoundCloud and SlideShare were all build using Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is unparalleled with regards to website quality. If your company's website is Ruby and Rails powered, its quality is guaranteed. Hire Ruby On Rails developer for your enterprise and do not worry about website failure ever again!

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