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by on December 6, 2019
According to agreements, conventions and collective bargaining agreements, the average salary floor 2019 for the position of Computer Maintenance Technician throughout Brazil is R $ 1,915.14 for a workload of 43 hours per week. The value of the salary floor, as well as the salary readjustment percentage 2019 is approved by agreement, collective agreement or agreement of the technicians in electronics by the union. The salary floor value shown here is the average salary base taken from collective bargaining agreements from all over Brazil that were recorded in the MTE, calculated in conjunction with salary in locations with the highest number of hires to reach the final amount. In the vast majority of cases, this calculation is very close to the category salary floor for position CBO 3132-05 . We calculate this so that the data will not be affected by data from hiring professionals in locations other than regional unions for employer union wage negotiations. Read more: help desk technician tier 2 salary
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