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Proper washing method: Use water at room temperature to wash it with both hands, you can not use dry cleaning chemicals, the washing machine can not wash, can not iron, prohibits immersion in saltwater at high temperatures for the baby to throw of the toilet after the urine cushion, the urine The cushion will get dirty, and soaked in saltwater can inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, but also to achieve the role of sterilization, let it soak for about 15 minutes, it can be cold water. How to clean changing pad cover read below carefully.

You can put a small amount of laundry detergent or soap

If you are worried that the washing machine is not clean, then the mother can wash her hand, so even more at ease. And the use of detergent or detergent is small because it soaked the previous step in saltwater, the detergent is only for better decontamination. But you are worried about the residue, you can use water several times more than water, so don't worry about washing the residual liquid against the baby's skin.  

Moderate drying

Summer sun outdoors the temperature is too high, so you can not put the urine mattress exposed to the sun for a long time, although the UV may be antivirus, but also the high temperature in the urine mattress is also a certain damage, so that mothers have to control the good drying time Oh, under high-temperature sun about 10 minutes to put it back in the cool place.

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