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by on December 14, 2019
When it comes to promoting any video or brand YouTube serves as the best platform for video blogging, also called vlogging. Everyone scrolls down YouTube every day, search many topics and comes across several videos. But here the question arises for YouTubers on how to get real subscribers in this competitive phase of 2019.

Many websites offer you to buy YouTube subscribers real (Read More here: These websites provide different packages to buy YouTube subscribers India which are based on the number of real subscribers you need. If you are new to YouTube and want to buy YouTube subscribers real then you can buy these packages which vary from 500 Rs to 24k. These packages are set according to the number of subscribers you need help you to get YouTube subscribers for your channel instantly. These websites provide real subscribers who are active on YouTube and are very safe and reliable.

But if you are not in the condition to buy these packages then you can go for the under given tips and tricks to buy YouTube subscribers India with your simple efforts.

As we know that YouTube is a very big platform and it is quite difficult to reach the top results of YouTube. In this article, you will find smart ways through which you can get more real subscribers.

Plan your video:

1. Before creating your channel or publishing video on your channel look for the central theme about the video. First, create a script and create a proper content before publishing it. The content plays a very important role to buy YouTube subscribers real as this is the essential thing that people look for. Never mimic any YouTuber, stick to your original content and idea. Always try to deliver which is not already available as it will create more chances to get views and subscribers.

2. Ask to subscribe:

At the end of the video ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel. If you will ask to subscribe then probably the viewers will subscribe. It is recommended to use a watermark of your logo or channel name in the video. Also, you can use the subscribe logo as a watermark in your video to buy YouTube real subscribers at cheap prices.

3. To add subscribe logo as a watermark, go in the settings option of your YouTube channel and then find branding option under ‘channel'.

4. Upload once in a week:

Only getting new subscribers should not be the aim. You also need to sustain the subscribers. It is recommended to publish new videos at least once in a week as it not only sustains the subscribers but also increases chances to get new real subscribers. But remember that the quality of the video should be maintained otherwise all your hard work will go in vain.

5. The proper title for the video: For making your video visible to the viewers you need to use proper and right keywords in your title. You need to optimize your title to attain great reach.

While deciding the title:

1. Use Google Adwords to know the keywords that people use to search.

2. Do not make the title of your video for too long. Not more than 50 characters.

3. Make the title descriptive yet attractive to catch the attention of the viewers.

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