Lidia Smith
by on December 16, 2019

The hardest part of writing an essay is figuring out how to start the essay. You keep staring at the screen hoping to find some inspiration and to start writing. If you want to get out of this phase and start typing actual words, you need to learn how to start an essay effectively.

The first thing that your reader sees is the introductory paragraph of the essay. If it isn’t interesting, they will lose interest and might not continue to read further. So you must put in some effort to start your essay introduction.

A good introductory paragraph consists of three elements, the hook sentence, background information and the thesis statement.You may saw these type of tricks in essay examples written by professionals.


Hook Sentence

A hook sentence is an engaging and informative piece of information relevant to the topic. It serves as an attention-grabber and motivates the reader to finish the entire essay. It motivates and informs the reader of the topic at the same time. There are different types of hook sentences that you can start your essay with depending on the nature of the paper and the topic. You can choose from a quotation, question, anecdote, personal story, or a statistical fact.

Background Information

The next step is to provide the reader with enough details regarding the topic that it gets easier for them to understand. Present relevant background information that you have gathered on the topic. However, you must be careful and not bombard information on them. The idea is to educate the reader and make things interesting – not bore them with tons of complex information.

Thesis Statement

You must end your introduction with a thesis statement that describes the purpose of the entire paper and highlights the main points. In your thesis statement, you must present your stance clearly. A thesis statement should be strong and arguable as the rest of the essay will present evidence to prove it.

If you incorporate these components in the start of your essay, you will grab the reader’s attention for sure. If you’re facing any difficulty coming up with interesting content for your topic, no need to worry as expert help is always available - get in touch with an essay writing service and get quality essays done in no time.