by on December 25, 2019
Once you have bought a bike U lock for your bike, the next step is to understand how to securely lock the bike so that no one can steal it. Keep in mind that having the best type of bike lock is not enough; it is also important that you lock your bike properly so that it becomes strenuous for the thieves to break the lock.

Since no lock is completely secure, as professionals can break through even the best bike U lock, your job is to lock your bike in such a way that it becomes challenging to break the lock and steal the bike. To help you along the way, we have compiled a list of tips that’ll help you completely secure your bike.

So, if you also want to precisely lock your bike, continue reading, the following guide will help you understand the best ways to lock a bike so that it becomes the last target of a thief.

Now, without any further ado, let’s start the list.

Find a Solid Object
Instead of locking your bike with movable objects, such as part benches, look for solid objects that are firmly attached to the ground. These type of objects are the best option to lock the bike with a bike U lock as no one can break them or lift your bike over them. Moreover, you should also avoid straight poles as someone could easily lift your bike above them. In most of the places, you’ll find dedicated bike posts where you can securely lock your bike.

Use Multiple Locks
As we mentioned earlier, even the best bike U lock can be unlocked by professionals. That’s why the main focus should be on making the thief’s job much difficult. An easier way to do this is to lock your bike with more than one lock. An ideal way is to lock the frame and wheels with separate locks.

Lock in a Crowded Place
Even though it may seem a bit hard to digest, locking your bikes in a crowded place is the best way to keep your bike safe. A thief will never try to steal a bike from a busy street. You should also look for a spot that comes in the coverage area of a nearby security camera. This way even if your bikes get stolen, you’ll have a piece of evidence against the culprit and it’ll become easier to identify the thief.

These are the three things that’ll help you completely secure your bike with a bike U lock.
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