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by on December 26, 2019

The physical protection of your assets and resources is a key factor in an organization's security strategy.

Getstealth offers several services to monitor your public / private space remotely by adapting a Security system of image transmission security cameras.

Why choose a video surveillance system?

The general objective of a video surveillance system is to contribute to the security of property and / or people.

This contribution can focus on various components, often overlapping:

  • Crime prevention: video surveillance increases the rate of solving crimes.
  • Road safety: allows you to remove blind spots. Video surveillance develops for real-time access to road traffic on the busiest lanes (motorways, expressways) as well as accident detection.
  • Industrial security: In this area, production sites are equipped with video surveillance systems allowing in particular manipulating the observation points in real time of the state of the installations and the progress of the process.
  • Security: industrial sites, strategic installations, heritage objects, etc. are video monitored to prevent intrusions and damage by malicious people.

A video surveillance system is a device intended for the home, the company, at the point of sale to record and restore if necessary the images of an event that has taken place. This is called video surveillance, or even video protection.

This Technology guarantees you quality and efficiency:

The new cameras with 360 ° rotation allow you to multiply the coverage of your video surveillance system with an excellent quality / price ratio by reducing the number of cameras required.

This Technology assures you the quality of its services in other cases thanks to a digital recording device which is capable of recording videos quickly.

All your recordings are encrypted in order to avoid the use of your files.

Remote monitoring:

Consulting IP cameras is extremely simple. You can view and listen to all your recordings through different devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.) remotely and in real time.

Why choose Get Stealth for your video surveillance system?

Get Stealth, a service company in the field of Security and Investigations since 1997, has the ambition to become your privileged partner who accompanies you in your projects in order to reach your objectives. This is why our company presents a CCTV & video surveillance security system: reception equipment, management equipment and display equipment.

  1. Provided, study and access security advice.
  2. Installations and design Security systems in Chicago
  3. Installations and design Camera Systems
  4. Home Theatre Installation
  5. Installations and design access Control
  6. 24/7 monitoring: allow you to have an idea of the entire network at all times with real-time measurements of the optical routes.
  7. Reduce operational costs: with optimized fault detection, location, allowing priority dispatch of repair teams to the repair site correctly.
  8. Reports: allows you to be emailed to individuals or groups at specific times. The reports cover many aspects: Home Alarm, alarm management, and even the availability rate.
  9. Monitoring of optical and management performance by region, or even by client.




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