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Introduction Defensive driving is an excellent technique for staying safe on the road. It is even more important for drivers with learners license acquired after clearing hazard perception test. Defensive driving helps you to comply with the spirit of DKT which is safe driving. The key basic concepts of defensive driving are detailed below: Follow Traffic Rules The first and most basic concept of defensive driving is to be aware of and follow local traffic rules and regulations. You should comply with traffic rules like following traffic lights, maintaining speed limits, follow proper merging procedures, etc. Following traffic rules will automatically reduce your chances of being involved in any road accidents. This is also in line with the purpose of DKT which is to ensure compliance with traffic rules and regulations. Avoid Road Rage Road rage is quite common and you can become engulfed in it without even realizing. You can expect to come across all types of drivers on the road. You will frequently come experience aggressive drivers, tailgaters, etc. You should resist the urge and temptation to engage with them as it may require you to break traffic rules and resort to unsafe driving. As a person who has passed the DKT and acquired learners license, such behavior is not required at all. Avoid Distracted Driving Distracted driving is another thing which you should completely avoid. Distracted driving results when your attention is diverted on non-driving activities while driving. Using your mobile phone or any other digital gadget leads to distracted driving. Such a situation can be very dangerous as it can lead to road accidents which can be fatal for you and others. Avoiding distracted driving is a basic concept of defensive driving. Be Aware of Your Surroundings When driving, you should be completely aware of your surroundings. You should keep a keen eye on the traffic surrounding you. If you observe rash drivers who are indulging in unsafe driving, then you should slow down or pull over to avoid any dangers from such drivers. It is also important to constantly monitor pedestrians, children, cyclists, animals, etc. on the road to prevent any mishap. keep your speed down You should always keep your speed down and within controlled limits. It helps you to get extra reaction time which can avert a road accident. You can apply brakes and bring your car to a halt quicker and ensure yours and other’s safety on the road.
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